Texans Unlimited LIVE: Postgame from Philadelphia – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Davor Stjepic

Eagles just built another shrine but this time for Bill O’Brien. They recognized him for his play calling and superb clock management

    Wuzi Mu

    if he would have taken the last time out that would have just given the eagles more time, and taking the first two was for having the time to go down the field. O’Brien did pretty good. lets face it the Texans ultimately lost today because they didn’t get those stops at the end, and got too many penalties.

    Rony Prude

    @Wuzi Mu yea that roughing the passer

    Dooo they tho

    Davor Stjepic naw fam they made a Romeo crennel statue. His defensive playcalling has been suspect since our 1st game against Indy

Rony Prude

Once again Texans blow another chance of getting a first round bye

Rony Prude

I’m still a a Texans fan I credit my offense

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