20 replies on “Texans LIVE: Bill O’Brien previews Texans vs. Colts”

  1. If B.O.B can just stop with the shitty play calling like punts on 4 &under 5 in situations where going for it is an obvious choice. or running the same same RPO when opposing defenses are CLEARY calling for that play and easily shifting players around to accommodate those plays. Oh and of course FIXING THE GOD DAMN SECONDARY!!! There is TOO MUCH fire power in the backfield with K-Jack, Honey Badger, Joseph, Wright, and Hal to not be stopping the pass game

  2. Please please please protect Watson, and stop being so damn conservative it’s the playoffs not preseason.

  3. I like hopkins but you must be a new football fan clearly you never seen a prime Andre Johnson

  4. @TheNarutodbzss19 watched football for decades. Hopkins is the best I have ever had the privilege to watch.

  5. TheNarutodbzss19 I have watched too many decades of football …and without reservation Hop has the best hands in the game ever

  6. My New Years wish an offensive coordinator with a proven track record or a genius at actually using everyone’s true talents. Oh and a full season of Will Fuller the 3 rd opposite number 10 THE HOPP

  7. Stop playing so conservative Bill Sheesh! Like you did with the Patriots 4th and 1 up by only ONE touch down against the PATRIOTS! The PATRIOTS! I remember DW was on the side line telling you we should have went for it. Your in the playoffs now its do or die. Defense has to bring it! Specially that secondary on T.J. Hilton and the tight end on the colts. And Miller, Blue Foreman and the o-line has to bring it. Come out and punch everyone in the mouth.

  8. @Cindy Wilkinson unfortunately you didn’t have the privilege of seeing prime Andre Johnson or Randy Moss

    Entitled to your opinion but the evidence says otherwise and I like Dhop

  9. Coach O’Brian, Texans are my team and grew up an Oiler fan – but got to stop being so consevative and predictable….Open it up and let this team RUN.

  10. 🀘🀘🀘🀘offense line NEEDS TO PROTECT!! QB!!😠😠😠😠😠😠!! it’s Gna be REALLY UP TO THEM #1..!! # 2 will be SECONDARY!!!! 😠😬😑 C’MON MANNN!! TIRED OF HEARING WE’RE ALWAYS GETTING Beat! BY THE colts !!

  11. New O’line, Secondary, new Secondary Coach. Time to go to the 4-3-4 , because the 3-4-4 can’t cover $hit !

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