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Terry McLaurin Runs Unbelievable Route for 25-Yd TD

Terry McLaurin zooms past the Dolphins to grab the 25-yard touchdown from Case Keenum. The Washington Redskins take on the Miami Dolphins during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Maximus Overdrive Reply

I Mean, I Wouldn’t Call It An “Unbelievable” Route… But It Certainly Wasn’t Bad. #TankBowl

    richard seymore Reply

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooool srsly

bruce lau Reply

It’s a Tank Bowl

    A. D. Reply

    @TAPKING13 r u stupid?

    Gokou Blacc Reply

    The Redskins don’t seem to understand how it operates.

    Lilsonny HighLights Reply

    A. D. We actually aren’t tanking

    Aqua Rex Reply

    @Lilsonny HighLights HTTR

    huge chiefs fan Reply

    I don’t think the Redskins are tanking.

Seraphim 35 Reply

Skins will miss out on tua cause of this

    Felix Pfaltermann Reply

    Tua is trash.

    Tucker the YouTuber Reply

    Felix Pfaltermann Salty A&M fan

    Mandalorian Legion Reply

    Tucker the YouTuber he’s injury prone

    #LakersGang #highestpaidathletes #StephBless Reply

    Burrow is playing better than Tua imo

SamTheMan Reply

If the commentators didn’t say that, they wouldn’t have titled the video that.

Youtube FBI Reply

Welcome everyone to our seasons first full TANK BOWL

    Smokin Jay Cutler Reply

    No cardinals and Bengals played last week

    RJ Ante Reply

    2nd, Arizona vs Cincinatti was the first one.

    CAVETR0LL Reply

    It is the true opener to tank bowl!



    Jonathan Graves Reply

    How bout 1-5, shame your coach isn’t Frank Rei- oh wait you don’t even have a coach

    TAPKING13 Reply

    @Jonathan Graves Somebody’s mad. What are you a Dolphins fan😂

    Jonathan Graves Reply

    @TAPKING13 Nah Colts, just having some fun on the bye week, no hard feelings haha

    sean got editzzz Reply

    I’m a redskins fan and this truly isn’t it

    Football Addict Reply

    1-5 nothing to celebrate about

A. D. Reply

0:25 what is wrong with that man diving at his feet in the endzone.

    Brian Golden Reply

    A. D. He tripped but i mean it’s obvious the Fins are just putting out practice squad guys out there

    Commodore McCrary Reply

    He wanted to give up half the distance than give up 6pts

Christian Bryant Reply

My redskins going 1-15!!!

Ahmed Ali Reply

Tank Bowl lol 😂

Jefe Reply

17 a dawg 🐶

Roger Murphy Reply

Terry scores again lets goooo

joshbpimpinmusic Reply

THE Ohio St representative

Chidozie Osuji Reply

Keenum better keep his job till he plays Minnesota

Jackson Kelly Reply

McLaurin getting me the fantasy points!

John Johnsons Reply

You want to be impressive win some games

Tyler Wright Reply

we need to see more of this #scaryterry

Danny Seng Reply

Trade Williams for 1st or 2rd round pk. Just move on from here, get some pks for him.

Fast Kash Reply

Finally we got a W

SneakOne_ Reply


Kenneth Petovic Reply


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