Terry McLaurin Makes Big Plays & Catches 2 TDs! | 2019 NFL Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Siryo and O-dawg Reply

He did amazing!!!!

Zaddy Looney Reply

First…..I’m gay for that

Chuck Sharts Reply

Offensive rookie of the year! #HTTR

    Drewbacca-Hrrrgrgrar Reply

    @Davonta Action Hollyood Brown (5 games): 21 rec, 326 yards, 3TD. Terry McLaurin (5 games): 23 rec, 408 yards, 5TD. Hollywood is nice, but Terry is niiiiiiiiiice

    Davonta Action Reply

    @Colton B i mean we going to have to put this on hold but aint going to lie terry is performing better then hollywood i just think hollywood could win it.

    Davonta Action Reply

    @Drewbacca-Hrrrgrgrar yeah aint going to lie terry is playing real good and right now he technically doing better but i just think once hollywood comeback he got a good chance to win it.

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound Reply

    @Davonta Action his the best rookie wr right now

    Smoke 101 Reply

    @Drewbacca-Hrrrgrgrar ALL FACTS!!

Stay__Elite__ 18 Reply

Tank Bowl 2019

#LakersGang #highestpaidathletes #StephBless Reply

He’s oroty for me so far , amazing route runner , good hands , and breakaway speed .

    Mandalorian Legion Reply

    Larry Legend is a GOAT considering how much of a dumpster fire the skins are yes it is more impressive

    #LakersGang #highestpaidathletes #StephBless Reply

    Jacob Gomez josh Jacobs is a running back . He’s less skilled than terry and at a less important position .

    Aaron Poisel Reply

    He is for now, until singletary starts for BUFF

    nalim lattarai Reply

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Minshew sucks

Lebron Very Overrated James Reply

Is official Dolphins are worse team in the league

    Mike S Reply

    Atlanta is bad too.

    D.A.Y Reply

    Mike S At least they’ve won a game

    Nathan Ingle Reply

    I think they are the worst but the bengals are still winless as well and they look terrible except for the first game

    Lebron Very Overrated James Reply

    @Nathan Ingle Bengals and Falcons at least have the talent to be a watchable team unlike Dolphins who got nothing exciting about them

Jack Morey Reply

Man I only fell asleep 3 times during this game

    Mandalorian Legion Reply

    Wait you watched the game? Your life must be really boring lmao

Cameron Hunt Reply

I’m so happy my skins finally drafted a great WR. After missing a few times

Christopher Do44 Reply

Team of the week upgrade on madden 20

Austin Ryan Reply

“Who”? …when I drafted him!

    Jaelen Roskowinski Reply

    I picked him up in FA and started him today

    Jocky Rohnson Reply

    Jaelen Roskowinski You play in a 2 man league? How the hell was he still in free agency🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    I drafted him in the last round of our fantasy draft because I knew his potential.

Collin Turnbaugh Reply

The only bright spot on the redskins

just Bfree Reply

And Ohio State has 3 young receivers more developed out of high school than he was. And they get coached by Hartline from day 1. But I’m sure Michigan will be ok. Muahhhhhhh hahahaha 😈

XxWraith24xX Reply

Rookie of the year!!

Eric Rudn Reply

Empty stadium and the fans that are at the stadium are redskin fans lol

Razz415 Reply

Scary Terry is one of the few bright spots this year. Hope we grow and hope he keeps going, looks really good this year.


    Silver Bullets Dude if you don’t know the goat, the white mamba, the legend, the myth…Scalabrini then i feel bad for you.

    Silver Bullets Reply

    WVU STEELERS CELTICS I was talking about Scary Terry being applied to Rozier


    Silver Bullets ahh got you thought you was talking about the white mamba, it’s cool tho I’ll let him have the nickname.

connor miller Reply

Mclaurin did it here at OSU and he’s showing his star potential. He’s an amazing talent ⭐️

Martin Heis Reply

How are „Dolphins“ not winning the „tank“ bowl 🤔?

Connor Gilbride Reply

Granted Miami’s secondary is made of swiss cheese. Mclaurin already looks like a 5-6 year pro on deep routes.

    Los Carson Reply

    Terry did well against byron jones and Bears Secondary

Dr Phot Reply

T-Mac for OROY!



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