Terrell Davis ‘just makes up for a multitude of sins’ | Broncos 100 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Tuan Van Reply

TD best Postseason RB of all time. Hall of fame because of it

Andy S Reply

The Broncos beat the Jets in that AFC Championship game that had Parcells and Belichick as coaches. That’s how good the Broncos were at that time.

Clyde Triplett Reply

My 60 th year as a Bronco Super Fan .
Terrell, Atwater, Billy Thomson
Champ, some of my favorite.
But Terrell in my opinion best RB in NFL History

JPPT1974 Reply

Gave John Elway the RB that he never had until the very end where Davis helped John retire on top.

Michael The Original Dizzy-D Lavimodiere Reply


Karen Shelton Reply

Mile High Salute

ADthaP KashKlick Reply

Thats my God uncle im born in Raised in San Diego Ca

Vinsinz Bronko Reply

That season he ran for 2k he sat for a qtr+ nearly every game, 12 qtrs is being modest but figure at least one drive per qtr of just running out the clock that he missed. He would have the all time single season rushing record at maybe 2500, it would be untouchable, especially today’s game

C Koch Reply

TD is the GOAT

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