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Evil Duck Reply

Titans win games they shouldn’t win and lose games when they should win

    Crow of Judgement Reply

    No, that’s the Steelers.

    Colton Meadows Reply

    Peyton Daily and beat my cowboys sadly

    TT Reply

    So damn true

    XxxRespawnxxX Reply

    I would say the same about the Vols, but it looks like they’ve decided to just lose every game. 😂

    JayMike Willingham Reply


Ka Kjj Reply

Browns have more bandwagoners and haters than ever

    farakhhanif Reply

    I think a lot football fans (like myself), who aren’t fans of the other teams in the division, are hoping the Browns do well because they have sucked for so long. I was really happy to see the Cards make the Super Bowl with Kurt Warner, and I was happy to see the Lions make the playoffs with Stafford and Calvin Johnson, because they have gone through a lot of rough times.

    Steve Reply

    It’s wild

    George Charalambous Reply

    MUDYDOG G it kills me too

    Jaime Garcia Reply

    Nehemiah Howard I was 2 but I like to watch highlights of the past to know the history of the team

    S CLASS Reply

    Escocivo 30 I love how irrelevant the bengals are in that comment 😂

Jesse Williams Reply


Nehemiah Howard Reply

Cynthia be like “based on my model, obj gonna have 600 receiving yards, 232 rushing yards, and 7 tds”

    Larry Martin Reply

    Nehemiah Howard 😂😂

    magnieto1 Reply

    Yes, please!

Charlie Mitchell Reply

Browns gonna do good this season OBJ,Mayfield and landry

    Anthony DePaola Reply

    No Chubb?

    moxeus Reply

    no aj green?

    The Hispanic JukeBox Reply

    @moxeus AJ Green plays for the Bengals not the Browns

    TuFF_Gaming Reply

    moxeus idiot

    Chewy Suarez Reply


Xero Reply

Lets not forget they don’t Taylor Lewan, unless they said it

Loyal Philly fan Reply

Its gonna be fun to watch the browns offense

    Loyal Philly fan Reply

    JagGedd who Gonna stop Odell and Landry? Malcom butler? The guy who made 1 good play his whole career and y’all paying him that money lmao

    Glyide Reply

    Loyal Philly fan u mean the guy who played excellent the second half of last year, Logan Ryan and KB aren’t people?

    Steve Reply

    Glyide Im a browns fan and I know how underrated that defense is

    victor miller Reply

    @Loyal Philly fan the same defense that wentz couldnt throw for 500 against, as all of you clowns had predicted he would do.

    Loyal Philly fan Reply

    victor miller nobody said he was gonna throw for 500 yards lmao

zmon 8426 Reply

Browns win 24-23


Let’s go brownies 🐕

Jackson Isthebest Reply

Browns 30-26

Jaime Garcia Reply

Gotta support my Browns from Youngstown Ohio I think we got this one

Micah Reply

I’m excited to see the Browns play but at the same time I’m scared we’re going to do what we do best

    Noah Reply

    Micah same same same same 😂😂😂

boon Reply

Baker will throw a pick late and the Titans win.

    modetallah Reply

    If you’re banking on a late pick to win, then I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re gonna lose.

    Doge Meme Two Reply

    Cristian Elvis Taylor Lewan suspended

    lwvyjb Reply

    @Doge Meme Two hes overrated anyway, coming from a titans fan

Cristian Elvis Reply

#TitanUp,Titans are gonna be great this year rise up Brothers and Sisters in two toned blue 💪 #Marigoata

    McWalker Reply

    TITANUP ⚔️

    J. DIZZLE Reply

    Titan Up 👍🏿💪🏾

Mykah Filimaua Reply

I wonder if players watch these so they know, i jus wonder abt this bc they all have phones n YouTube I’m sure so I was thinking like do they watch these kinda vids?

ItzTitans Reply

Titans could win 10 Super Bowls in a row and still picked to lose smh

    Orange Skies Reply


    lwvyjb Reply

    @Orange Skies hes talking about the team that’s had positive records for 3 seasons straight

plumb Twisted Reply

Yeah the Browns are solid and everyone is on the train and all but i think I’tll be funny for everyone to see the Titans beat them and then see how they react.

nathINSANE Reply

Browns Defense is going to blow peoples minds this year. Myles Garrett is about to destroy some QBs

Mari Breon Reply

Titans win 23-20

Pix Burgh Reply

CLE: 28
TEN: 34

Call me biased but the Titans always win as underdogs

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