Tennessee Titans vs. Atlanta Falcons Week 4 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Titans 27-24 🙂

Fingering Things

I mean it would help if Mariota didn’t have to worry about getting killed by his oline

Larry Legend is a GOAT

Don’t even try to predict this game. These are like the 2 most unpredictable teams in the league

    Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

    Larry Legend is a GOAT – But somehow every prediction I’ve made about them has been perfect lol

    Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

    Larry Legend is a GOAT – Promise. I’m 3-0 on the year for the Colts and Falcons predictions

    Elias Ortiz


    Pepper 526

    The falcons are the most talented bad team right now but hopefully that will change with the offense getting settled down now under dirk

George Harry

Call some quick passes. All these deeper routes with no blocking aren’t helping. Mariota can take all the blame but a new qb ain’t gonna change anything. We need lewan back

BigHomie 52

Titans will probably pull this off cause Titans usually win when they facing teams they not suppose to beat and they lose against teams they suppose to beat

    Randall Foster

    @Jude Got gaming dude. It’s a loss. Every team suffers them. Remember the patriots lost to the dolphins last year. I know they gonna win that’s all that matters

    Jude Got gaming

    Randall Foster how many sb’s did the falcons had to go to y’all got beat by the pats and the broncos

    Jude Got gaming

    Randall Foster and idc if a loss is a loss y’all beat 2 times now it’s time for revenge

    Nathan Mangum

    Jude Got gaming how do you expect any team to win when they get 16 penalties?? You kidding man??😂😂 Atlanta’s defense is good enough, just gotta stay disciplined is all. Has nothing to do with the talent that is there.

    Jude Got gaming

    Nathan Mangum ok who are you? That was lost game because we gave them that win y’all last to a team that doesn’t have their quarterback!

Jerry Junior

Tennessee 23 Atlanta 20

Andrew Young

Atlanta falcons scored 28 points


I can’t even see the titans or the falcons winning this game.

Plus, all the Titans have to do is run the ball and we lose.

j_ titan

TitanUp! I’ll be there!

Deaf Hog Tusk Hunting

Titans 35 and 28 Falcons I guess

Cameron Briglin

Falcons win 27-24

Curtis 23

Titans 24
Falcons 20

Sean Bozeman

Falcons 17
Titans 14

Jude Got gaming

Titans 25

Falcons 23

Doc Brown

Titans 23 Falcons 20


Biggest tossup lmao, I cant decide on who to pick. Both these teams are weird and just win when they feel like it

Joseph Cronan

Titans 24 Falcons 21

Michael Jones

The Atlanta Falcons will win



Meteor Smash

Titans 28
Falcons 26

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