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Teddy Bridgewater Week 3 Highlights vs. Seahawks | NFL 2019

Teddy Bridgewater finishes the day with 177 passing yards and 2 touchdowns. The New Orleans Saints take on the Seattle Seahawks during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Dayton J Vlogs Reply

As a Vikings fan, I miss you teddy, I love watching you succeed

    Petey Griffin Reply

    I wish him well

    Gary Collins Reply

    @Hector Rodriguez Daunte Culpepper

    lawrence shadow Reply

    Jeff George. Donavan McNabb. Christian Ponder, Tavares Jackson, Joe Webb, Brad Johnson, Culpeper, Bridgewater, Keenum, cousins…

    lawrence shadow Reply

    @Copetweets he also averaged virtually the exact same amount of yards per completion as teddy did.

    And; the defense was trash? When are you talking about? Last year? when they ranked 4th in yards allowed, third in sacks, top 10 in points per game?

Jay Meow Reply

Awesome game by Teddy! I hope he becomes the heir to Brees

    Aramis Dennard Reply

    @garett schwindling bridgewater won case closed

    CapStar K Reply

    @garett schwindling sean knows who’s better lol. That’s why hill didn’t start.

    Christopher Reid Reply

    @garett schwindling if Hill is better than why the coach ain’t start him? And how ironic that a fat white guy is calling a pro athlete trash

    Dedric Sanders Reply

    @CapStar K Exactly


    As long as kamara is there .. they could literally just wild cat

Russell Bolton Reply

Checkdowns? Who put Joe Flacco in the Saints lineup😂😂😂

    Jay Lit Reply

    Check down throws to Kamara creates big plays

    thomas vang Reply

    Jay Lit and badass fantasy points

    BlackStarPower911 Reply

    Trust me as the weeks progress you will start to see the playbook expand, he hasn’t had much practice with the first team as a back up but you will see Payton open up the playbook o the coming weeks.

Escocivo 30 Reply

I’m happy the Saints are trying to save his career.

    Sir Ro Ro Reply

    Escocivo 30 they did it for drew they can for teddy

Ikr Yytt Reply

Wow nice tutorial on how to throw a check down or screen.

    thomas vang Reply

    Ikr Yytt you should be glad he’s giving your rb fantasy points lol

    tswagg504 Reply


    Byron Mendez Reply

    Derrick Carr triggered

    brian green Reply

    XxPelicanzxX • head the same u just haven’t seen him in a while what you’re saying is opinion not FACTS

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

I’ll be honest I didn’t think Teddy would be able to hold it down, but he did. The OC also figured that he had to get Kamara more involved in the offense. Saints still first in the division and 😂😂 to that Tampa kicker.

    IsmokeHiphop Live Reply

    thats because you dont watch football….before teddy got injured he was a good QB.

    MRTUPAC 28 Reply

    @IsmokeHiphop Live I do watch football and I’ve been watching football since the 80s. I know all about Teddy from his days in college when he played for Louisville. He almost signed with the Hurricanes before Louisville. He was a ok QB in Minnesota overall nothing special like you are making him out to be.

Jonathan King Reply

All these people ‘surprised’ by Bridgewater’s game, dont be he’s a good qb the Saints didnt come up of a 3rd round pick for a scrub.

    garett schwindling Reply

    You act like had a great game lmfao if you really think that you need to put the pipe down 177 yards in the nfl as a quarterback is supposed to surprise lmao Paxton lynch can put better numbers up lol

    BlackStarPower911 Reply

    And he’s only 26 and still has alot of good years left and possibly can save the Saints for having to waste a first round draft pick on a QB for a few years wile we feel voids in other positions and hopefully win another one in the near future.

    Dedric Sanders Reply

    @garett schwindling Dude you act like Brees never had bad games in Sea. While I’m thinking about it Brees NEVER had a good game at Sea.

    autistic Hockeyguy Reply

    DonKrieg95 LOL he did not deserve that pro bowl in 2015. Look at his stats. He was mediocre at best. Maybe bottom 10 QB in the nfl that year. He’s never going to be anything more than a backup in this league

Live Laugh Love Reply

If Drew and Sean trust Teddy, I trust him🖤💛⚜️

Napalm Blaziken Reply

People are surprised by Bridgewater? Did we all forget that he showed promise back in Minnesota?

    ah fad Reply

    There is some poser fan for the saints out there, they said they’re done when brees out …. 🤣

    brian green Reply

    garett schwindling he’s always been good are you racist?

    Ms Sandy Reply

    Teddy is a good leader. I am so happy to see him back out on the field.

    autistic Hockeyguy Reply

    Lol I’m a Vikings fan and the guy’s mediocre at best. He’s got one of the weakest arms to ever play in the NFL

jwarrior2011 Reply

How exactly was that failed 2-pt conversion a highlight?

The Real News Reply

Geux Saints. That damn Kamara. I heard it can run.

    I'm Your President Reply

    Area 41. The alien got loose.

NFL Insider Reply

As a Vikings fan idc if Vikings loose to the saints in the play as long as we lose it to teddy

Abel Straw Reply

Bridgewater did good, but this was an Alvin Kamara highlight reel

P Jefferson Reply

Teddy must have been watching drew film cause he is looking good

Ryan Mullen Reply

Teddy Two Gloves!! Love from Minnesota 💪🤘

plmoknty Reply

He was a bit rusty, but he’s still good!

Osman A Reply

Always making the right throw. Isn’t afraid of the big moments. Great pocket presence. I have no idea why the Vikings let him go and paid Kirk all that money.

gor9027 Reply

And people were saying he was trash bc he a faced a great Rams defense.

Shawn Segaar-Bratsch Reply

As a Vikings fan I really wish we would have never got rid of Bridgewater! Miss ya Teddy!!

Tw1 Reply

My Cowboys might have a challenge next week👀

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