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Teddy Bridgewater talks about what makes him a leader

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater addressed the media on Monday and spoke about his perspective on leading the Panthers as the new quarterback.

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Jai Norman

I miss cam already

Wizzle Dizzle

God is Dope??? Wtf

Panther Nation

I’m excited to watch him this year

Heywood Jablowme

Teddy 2 🧤 let’s go!

Sports Nation. 1


Sam Sule

Go panthers

Dallen Pierson

Teddy seems like a really down to earth respectable guy. All you haters that will never get over cam, remember that even if things don’t work out for Teddy here, (which I believe it will) we know he’ll give everything he has. This is an awesome guy to have at the head of an offense. He’s intelligent, hardworking, positive, and I know he’ll get the job done. Lessgo teddy b!



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