Teddy Bridgewater Expects a Week 4 Battle vs Cowboys | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Teddy Bridgewater Expects a Week 4 Battle vs Cowboys | New Orleans Saints Football

New Orleans Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater post-practice locker room interview ahead of the Saints vs Dallas Cowboys 2019 NFL Week 4 game.
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Aldren Thomas Reply

I’m On In for Teddy Bridgewater 💯💯💯⚜️⚜️⚜️5️⃣

    Jerry Pore Jr. Reply

    Me too!

The InvictusSamaritan Reply

Brees will be at the cowboys game with the headset guys. 🔥

WyattBDV Reply

This is a new era of life. We can finally hear the reports asking questions

    Jerry Pore Jr. Reply

    Yes it is!

    The InvictusSamaritan Reply

    WyattBDV audio is still mad low though 😂

    cajunmanDan Reply

    Maybe Gayle intervened and donated some mics 😛

Jerry Pore Jr. Reply

Proud of you Teddy! Keep it up!

The InvictusSamaritan Reply

We love you Teddy, be the best version of you! 💯

Boy With A Bible Reply

Who cares what all these haters think, I think Teddy is doing great. I mean, imagine if you were Teddy reading some of these comments on the last Saints videos. It’s not like it’s Teddy VS Taysom. It should be the Saints VS whoever we’re playing against.

I doubt you’ll see this Teddy, but if you do, I just want you to know that we’re proud of you. Keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂

    garett schwindling Reply

    Bahahahaha teddy trashwater is a joke of a nfl quaterback

    Alex Barnes Reply

    @garett schwindling ….failcon much????

    Boy With A Bible Reply

    @garett schwindling You’re a joke of a human being. If it’s so easy to be a NFL quarterback, why aren’t you?

Janibyek Tukhuun Reply

He looks much more confident. Keep it up. I am with you.

Last Jedi Reply

Lets go Teddy!! Keep proving the doubters wrong #WhoDat!!

    garett schwindling Reply

    Yea proving doubters wrong with 160 yard games lmao

    Last Jedi Reply

    @garett schwindling still won tho lol 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ against probably the toughest team to play on the road

    Tara Smith Reply

    JEDI, are you still with CSC ..??

    Last Jedi Reply

    @Tara Smith yeah just busier now with a new schedule unfortunately

Pablo Wilkano Reply

Show ’em what you got Teddy!

Kyle S. Reply

Go Teddy!

PnB Shawtty Reply

I feel like sean cooking something up this week…..Teddy gonna be slinging it soon to Ted Ginn just wait he was just getting comfortable RQ. WHODAT💯

    Collidingeorges Reply

    PnB Shawtty I don’t think he can go that “far” yet. I wish Tre’quon could be back for the game.

    PnB Shawtty Reply

    @Collidingeorges nah bro with stout O-line we good he’ll be slinging it.

    EbkSaints Nation Reply

    Thin at the WR position

Hale Caesar Reply

Get Teddy another deep threat. Bring back LSU CYRIL GRAYSON for the deep pass. Ginn and Grayson going deep. Thomas going underneath with Kamara coming out of the backfield. With Tayson
Hill playing Tightend. That will give the defense something to have to deal with.

    Hale Caesar Reply

    @EbkSaints Nation Cook is what we thought he was. If you want to crown him go ahead.

    Hale Caesar Reply

    @EbkSaints Nation You can put him in the backfield with Kamara and check down to him. I agree he has a role get him in space and let him go off.

    Brian Torres Reply

    Hale Caesar Taysom Hill is a way better quarterback than Teddy he is garbage

    Hale Caesar Reply

    @Brian Torres you’re just showing
    Your ignorance.

    Brian Torres Reply

    Not really just facts

Coty Benoit Reply

GONNA hunt us some cowgirls !!!

TheGumbo504 Reply


Roscoe Rockwell Reply

Whatever the out come is after the Dallas game. I still got your back Teddy! 1 game at a time, No INT, or Fumbles stick to plan and let payton guide you to success. Whodat!

Tara Smith Reply

He has an amazing spirit.
FATHER GOD, bless Teddy even the more and as he decrease YOU will increase

    Ms Sandy Reply

    In Jesus name Amen!

Justin Lively Reply

Dude played his first whole game back in the hardest stadium in NFL besides NO, in the rain and didn’t flinch. He’s got it

Montiel Urias Reply

Let’s go teddy!!! Saints all day!!

Sid May Reply

You guys need to do better with the sound, cant hear teddy

Marvin Norman Reply

This game.. Quicker throws dude. 3 seconds or less

    Quiandra Nunnery Reply

    That’s what his Achilles heel is. If he can just get the ball out on time, it’s a wrap!

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