TD Catch & 2-Pt Conversion is ALL Le’Veon Bell – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

TD Catch & 2-Pt Conversion is ALL Le’Veon Bell

Le'Veon Bell goes up for the touchdown & 2-point conversion! The Buffalo Bills take on the New York Jets during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Bills fan screaming “NATHAN PETERMAN WHY DID YOU LEAVE US!!!??? WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!????”.

    curtis jarembek

    MRTUPAC 28 hmmmmmmmmmm…….hehehehehehe jets choke like always!



    AT Tatara

    @Thenodroid / they won…

    Thenodroid /

    @AT Tatara Nathan Peterman gave them his blessing that’s why


    We won. …beat in your own home. ….

Orta Potty

Yinzers in Pittsburgh rn be like:


Save by the bell…J-E-T-S ✈️

Muz Kamal

πŸ›Ž πŸ”” bell πŸ›Ž πŸ””

Dave Dave

That’s what they got for getting rid of the best player of all time

Nathan peterman

    curtis jarembek

    Dave Dave sam just joined nathan hehehehehehehe

    Isa Bush


    Curtis 23



Antonio Brown Punching The Air Right Now

    V R

    ZRose why would he be???
    He’ll be playing against bell twice a year now

    Victor Torres

    Why? He’s getting a ring unlike Bell

    MuseCrate Live

    @Victor Torres Pats fans keep saying this lmfao. The Pats are the most trash team in the NFL. Look at their division. That’s the only reason they make it even into the Playoffs. Pats aren’t going to the SuperBowl this year. I’d hate to tell you that since ya know 98% of all Pats fans are bandwagon fans. Facts!


Le’Veon Bell is a great fit for that Jets offense. He’s going to put up big numbers if he stays healthy.


Good luck trying to contain him when he’s in the backfield, either going for receptions, are running downhill.

Julian Shipp Jr

Who else started the jets defense

The Real Steve Harvey

Steelers fan here. I’ll always be an L-bell fan, he and the organization had an unfortunate falling out, some immaturity from both he and the team and some disagreements. But at the end of the day i respect him, and love watching him play. Just wish i could say the same about another former steeler….

    Victor Torres

    You mean Hines ward?

    Mike Artillery

    Gay! Respect a man you’d never met..



Rob TouchDownSki

I like how he looks like he’s barely trying too lmao

    Juju az

    Rob TouchDownSki cause he was 🐐

Every Villain Is Lemons

The Football Gods showing no mercy to the Buffalo Bills for getting rid of their champion, Nathan Peterman

Kip Allen

Le’von Bell is so fun to watch play


All these comments aged poorly haha




Bills somehow won lol


Bell just mossed that db like it was nothing ✊🏾


Not much of a football fan but damn that was nice


My favorite moment from yesterday πŸ™‚

FF noob pumpington

0:10 “What a return to the NFL it’s been for him”

17 carries 60 yards
Devin singletary 4 carries 70 yards lmao

Lorne Armstrong

seems like nobody cares that Darnold also made an amazing throw lol. Great job resetting his feet and throwing the perfect jump ball

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