Taysom Hill Talks Wild Card Loss to Vikings | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Taysom Hill Talks Wild Card Loss to Vikings | New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill postgame interview following a tough overtime loss in the 2019 NFC Wild Card Round to the Minnesota Vikings.
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The InvictusSamaritan

Let’s be real, do we really want to let go of Taysom, Bridgewater even Von Bell to keep Drew Brees? I love him to death but he blew it, we need to look to the future.

    gaming with Ashton yt

    You sound so dumb we wouldn’t be where we are without drew he even takes pay cuts so he can stay so other players will be paid

    Stabbah Planescape

    Re sign Drew, Hill and try to make a trade with Bridgewater. This years WR draft class is great and we need someone to extend the field. Wish we could get Juedy!!

    Saints Highlights History

    gaming with Ashton yt don’t forget there where points where Brees held out of minicamp waiting for his record breaking contracts and he has refused to take pay cuts multiple times. Great guy of course but he has a bad ego along with Payton.

    Mr. McCann

    Man Face It Drew Brees Time Has Come To A End. Taysom Hill Carried The Team In This Game. It’s time For Us To Find A Mobile QB And Get Up To Speed.

    Who Dat so brazy

    I’m with you I want taysom


One of the only people that showed up to the game

    The InvictusSamaritan

    CONTENT DELETED 2 don’t forget Deontae

Soviet Yoshi

Respect to Taysom for not only giving it his best game, but being prepared to answer the questions from the press afterward. That’s what a true sportsman looks like (take notes, belichick and brady).

Henry Billiot

Drew need to let Bridgewater and hills play


You know it’s a bad loss up when taysom isn’t smiling.

    Jayden Rhone

    Trying to keep his composure knowing he’s going to get the starting qb job

Forever Absolute Reactions

The Future QB of the New Orleans Saints

    Karen Castro


    ice man T

    @Karen Castro thank u drew seems to not have it no more or something idk what this is about

    Karen Castro

    ice man T he’s just getting old,we need a new QB but thank him for 2011 Super Bowl Dub

    ice man T

    @Karen Castro yeah I appreciate it 2 but I think sean wants to keep him because of the records

    Evil Dax

    Teddy is worth to much money now. We wont be able to keep him. Keep brees And Taysom and have them both split snaps

Forever Absolute Reactions

Drew Brees is Joe Montana and Taysom Hill is Steve Young. Goodbye Brees hello Taysom Hill

Nick Johnson

You kept us in the game Taysom

Leroy Pope

Life long Saints fan & Brees changed our team forever he is one of the GOAT’s but his time is done & Taysom the future not Teddy LOL!


    if Taysom becomes starting QB, then we lose alot of what makes Taysum so great… his versatility… what’s he gonna do throw the damn ball to himself??

Mandingo Samurai

Taysom, you were a Beast yesterday!! One of the only few players that showed up to perform. You went Ballistic!! Stay healthy and hope you stay with us your entire career!!

Latasha Edwards

Hill You are the Real MVP you did a dam Great Job I’m so heart broke right now but Drew Bress its time to make a Move

Coach Kane

I hope Taysom is our QB next season.
As hard as it is to say, it’s time to move on from Drew. He’s still one of the most accurate QB’s in football but the lack of lateral movement & arm strength is starting to peak out.
Every team in the league now will put their DE’s on the inside because they know Drew’s feet are cemented to the pocket & he’s not tall enough to beat it. He needs throwing windows.

    Dalton james

    I’d say playem both taysom is a great runner and drew is still pin point accurate

    Coach Kane

    Dalton james if Drew is willing to swallow pride & allow it.
    We gotta decide though, for rhythm purposes

    Dalton james

    @Coach Kane I think he would do wats best for the team

Troy Thompson

Taysum Hill played his heart out most definitely resign him.

Scott Stlaey

I love Drew Brees, but I think you up next man. Our offense with you at helm would be electric. Great game

Nuyu Art


Thomas Johnson

Taysom if payton does give u a starting qb move on u r dat good. Brees cost da game with interception n fumble.


This is our Guy!! Time to move on from Drew


This man is an ATHLETE!!!!! Wow!

The Great One

As vikings fan hill played a great game I was praying they put Brees back in .

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