Taysom Hill Talks Brees, Payton’s Leadership Ahead of Week 3 at Seahawks | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Taysom Hill Talks Brees, Payton’s Leadership Ahead of Week 3 at Seahawks | New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill post-practice Saints locker room interview ahead of the Saints' 2019 week 3 game against the Seattle Seahawks. Taysom talks about Drew Brees' impact on the Saints as well as the leadership qualities of Head Coach Sean Payton.

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Adam Wright Reply

Let’s have taysom Hill start who dat

    Mary Tatum Reply

    Hey new orleans saints start Taysom Hill in who Dat.

    garett schwindling Reply

    Yes please

    Mr. McCann Reply

    I Hope They Do

    Sly One Reply

    Adam Wright It’s more like blew that lol

    Josh Sanders Reply

    @Sly One do the world a favor and go wash your mouth out with buckshot

michael bergeron Reply

Man, I think he would be the best bet. Win or lose.. we gonna be there. Drew Brees cannot be replaced by no one. But we will strive! Who dat

Loli Girl Reply

Taysom has a lot of potential of being an amazing quarterback. He just needs to perfect his deep accuracy, and he’ll be fine.

    zai green Reply

    Sly One 13-3 stfu y’all rams fans kill me talking like y’all good or something😭🤦🏾‍♂️

    zai green Reply

    Patrick Mahomes fax😭😭😭

    zai green Reply

    Sly One wait do you even really watch football?

    EbkSaints Nation Reply

    Sly One I think it hurts more to score 3 points and lose in the SB than to get cheated in the NFC champ game. You’re a cool sperm bro you deserve “3” claps 👏

Loli Girl Reply

We would use Taysom Hill for the wildcat plays. Would will the play be called? Nola Nola?

    Talkin Bout Nawlins Reply

    Why don’t you get back in the kitchen or go sit down somewhere.The men are talking.

    Chris Landry Reply

    @Talkin Bout Nawlins I’m done 💀

    Talkin Bout Nawlins Reply

    @Chris Landry what does that mean?

    Chris Landry Reply

    Talkin Bout Nawlins 🤣

Sid May Reply

Who Dat, we love you tayson you can make this happen. You can definitely help us get past this. All of us have faith in you and the rest of the guys

Jephrey Haul Reply

This dude is the x factor. Has all the right intangibles to make things happen.

Who Dat Nation Reply

Let’s get it done boys..I know you can do it..

    Sly One Reply

    Who Dat Nation What a shame you go for the wrong team

    Something Better88 Reply

    Sly One Right! The Los Angeles Refs is where it’s at!

    Sly One Reply

    Something Better88 Lol nice one

Subliminal Red Pill Reply

Double QBs is a great idea for specific coaches that can pull it off. Lucky for us, Paeton is one of those coaches. I HAVE FAITH. WHO DAT.

Matt Reply

Taysom’s always smilin man haha i love it!

Horseless Cowboy Reply

You can bet your sweet azz Drew will be in the best physical condition except thumb and grip strength when he returns…. his conditioning work outs would make the NavySeals proud….!!!!🤠🇺🇸

Horseless Cowboy Reply

T Hill knows what it is to return from I jury and be successful…..just like Drew…!!🤠🇺🇸

    Khris Kay Reply

    Nice catch


He ready, and he can throw the deep ball are run a quick 40 yards!

Dylan Creppel Reply

I wish the saints would start him as qb

Enoch Zoldyck Reply

Trust in coach payton. He knows what we gotta do to win. We go 3-3 without brees we’re fine

John Henry Reply

Very exciting to see TH maybe, becoming the Man (until Drew comes back)

Proud Deplorable Reply

Unleash the Hill!!!🙌⚜️

Kansas2Korea Bassin Reply

You can tell he knows his time is here but he wont give anything away



B.Allen Reply

If he gets an opportunity a star will be born. He has all the makings of superstar QB. #7

    Mr. McCann Reply

    I Think Your Right,Aaron Rodgers And Tom Brady Were Both Backups To Good QBS And Look At Them Now. This Could Be Taysoms Time.

    Ms Sandy Reply

    I need some of what yaw taking.

Coty Benoit Reply

Taysom Hill is the Man let’s Geaux SAINTS

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