Taysom Hill Ready to Answer the Call When it Comes | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Taysom Hill Ready to Answer the Call When it Comes | New Orleans Saints Football

New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill post-practice locker room interview ahead of the Saints at Jacksonville Jaguars 2019 NFL Week 6 game.
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Adam Wright Reply

Let’s get the Swiss Army knife more play

    Beautiful Mindfulness Reply

    We can’t

    Bruno S. D. Reply

    Exactly we can’t… He is our next back up if something happens to Teddy. So Sean is playing more conservative with him til Drew comes back.
    Imagine if something happens to Taysom while playing a simple role like TE and Teddy got hurt as well, it is season over indeed.

dezmond roman Reply

⚡The Flash⚡

Good Vibez Only Reply

Saints on top #Whodat

Nick Marcotte Reply

Dude has crazy talent! I didn’t realize he was faster than AK though!🤯

    Hale Caesar Reply

    He maybe faster but he’s not quicker, elusive and he can’t run the tree route or catch as well.

    Nick Marcotte Reply

    Hale Caesar no doubt!

    Hale Caesar Reply

    @lionel howell no hes not. He’s a restricted free agent. Better chance Teddy or Brees want be on team in 2020 than Tayson. The latter two or
    Unrestricted free agents.

    lionel howell Reply

    @Hale Caesar yes he could!! all restricted means is the Saints could, or won’t match other teams offers.

    Hale Caesar Reply

    @lionel howell I know what it means. The point I was making; he’s more
    Likely than not to be on the Saints 2020 roster at
    A more reasonable compensation than either Brees or Bridgewater who are unrestricted free agents. The club has no legal right to retain their services.

Omega Supreme #9 Reply

Inspector Gadget!!!!! WHO DAT

    George Brother Reply

    Thats the perfect name for him!!!!

Darrell Johnson Reply

unleash the kraken, Taydabeast

Hansum joe Reply

7 needs more reps
He’s building tape all along
If they don’t play him someone will, guaranteed. Bet there’s gonna be a game where we down 17-6 at 1/2, teddy not gettin it done where Sean takes the gloves off

    Darrell Johnson Reply

    @Timothy Washington you still do not get it. what does it matter whether Taysom or Teddy gets injured first? only one can get injured first.

    Timothy Washington Reply

    @Darrell Johnson I think you’re missing the point, it’s not about who gets hurt first, if you’re playing Taysom and he gets hurt now u have no backup, then Teddy gets hurt, what are you going to do? Go with J.T Barrett?

    Timothy Washington Reply

    @Darrell Johnson Brees probably won’t be back most likely until after the Bye week , if u play Tysom like he was playing when Brees was the starter then u risk Injury, there are game plans for both he and Teddy during the weeks preparation, no team wants to be down to their 4th QB Both guys can get hurt before Brees come back ” knock on wood”…U just can’t risk playing Tysom like he Did before… it’s logic!

    Darrell Johnson Reply

    @Timothy Washington sorry, I thought we were talking about playing Taysom at QB, not other positions.

    Timothy Washington Reply

    @Darrell Johnson Yes we were talking about why he isn’t playing his usual positions and getting the Snap’s he used to…. it’s because u have to have your backup ready and healthy just in case something happened to Teddy…..Knock on Wood!!

Roger Gammel Reply

I love everyone on this team.


Trying to figure out what position he plays. Kick off returns, TE, special teams, QB, maybe he should defense🤣😂🤣

Ramon Crocodilians Productions Reply

That’s right Taysom, just keep improving and let’s keep winning and grinding. Geaux Saints ⚜🏈 #Saints #NewOrleansSaints #NFL

Bill Bright Reply

Just keep matriculating that ball on down the field men, and that’s good enough for another Saints first down. Next thing red zone baby!

We’re in the air, we’re on the ground, always in control. When y’all talk Saints ⚜️football, y’all talking Super Bowl.

Nuketoob 45 Reply

Who dat bro let’s get this man ur a great player hope we can get some play in you next couple games will be watching at Horne until we play Arizona good luck man WHO DAT!!!!!

w9j15g Reply

I saw so much improvement in Taysom’s QB skills this preseason that I think he is capable of being a good #1 QB for an NFL team.

Hale Caesar Reply

He’ll get more playing time when Brees gets closer to starting. Then you’ll have Teddy to backup Brees. Saints best quarterback depth in NFL.

ladyhlub0812 Reply

😎 He cute.🔥😁

Tim Michael Reply

I wish Taysom wasn’t so humble sometimes. Be honest. It feels amazing when you can truck dbs and lbs.

basher basher Reply

Questions need to be well thought out

Marybeth Heirsch Reply

Can he be any cuter???? 😍

Murf M Reply

I don’t think Taysom is happy with his involvement in the offense.

    Hale Caesar Reply

    He’s playing the role he needs to. Teddys the better quarter back. Taysom the better gadget guy. He’ll play more when Brees returns against Atlanta.

PegasusBYU Reply

Wish he’d quit scratching bus butt during the interview.

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