Taylor Rapp’s Dream Life | Un-Rapp’d Episode 7 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Ray Martinez Reply

Love his play style go Rapp!!!

Gridiron Icon Reply

Stud player and only going to get better. And now…..the cute couple factor is off the charts. Some guys have it all! GO RAMS!!

Drip Bayless Reply

Congrats Rapp! Go Rams!!!!!

F. ACR Reply

Rapp going to be a stud just like John Johnson lll

Nick Vlaeminck Reply

A good relationship, a great thing to have, worth working for! Go Rampps 🐏

    Phil Uplin Reply

    Yes. You can see the chemistry with them. Good for them.

    Go Rams!

Phil Uplin Reply

Welcome to the Rams and Southern California, Mr. Rapp. Well done. Keep doing your thing. I’m a So Cal native and a Rams’ fan since early 80’s. Look forward to meeting you and the team someday.

Go Rams!

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