Taylor Gabriel’s UNREAL Toe-Tap TD!

Taylor Gabriel comes down with an insane touchdown to add to the Bears lead. The Chicago Bears take on the Washington Redskins during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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bob bob Reply

literally the best pass trubisky has ever thrown

    Edward White Reply

    I am so tired of these boring Primetime games Monday night football Thursday night football I would rather watch my dad shave his armpits with no clothes on. pathetic the Washington Redskins and Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings shouldn’t even be a team.

    edd Reply

    Semba 99 yuh

    Blood Born Reply

    Now y’all knew haters are really pushing it. Stop being a follower

    Carolina Howard Reply


    googly moogly Reply

    @Semba 99 yeah he has made some good throws in the past

Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

This game is giving redskins fans Monday night massacre flashbacks

    Munchie Crunchy Reply

    Because he’s better 😔

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    @Munchie Crunchy ok… well this isn’t the cowboys

    Broncos4life Reply

    Larry Legend is a GOAT The Redskins are just a terrible Monday Football team all around.

    Charmcity77 Reply

    Aren’t they like 1-15 last 16 MNF games

    Chandler S Bryant Reply

    @Charmcity77 1-16 about to be 1-17 after tonight

Corbanaa A Reply

Turbo said ” HOLD MY NUGGETS….. “

    Dustin Huddle Reply


SaiDaLiChaeng TwicePink Reply

The bears scored so many points in such a short amount of time

    TTundragrizzly Reply

    Then they go soft for awhile. They could’ve put up 70.

Isaac Hampton Reply

This is the 3rd receiver that burned Josh Norman this year! Poor Redskins!

    DaMonsta2487 Reply

    Silence Is king ha who yo squad is??? Let me guess Patriots, Rams, or Eagles bandwagon lmao. Imma save yo comment n see you next year in February

    Silence Is king Reply

    DaMonsta2487 hahahahah

    Ah man bandwagon

    That’s gone due me

    Nah the cowboys for sure but we need more defensive players

    Fast Kash Reply

    @Kian Turner wasn’t that good to begin with he was younger and hungrier that’s all

    Chitown4L Reply

    @Isaac Hampton you guys are welcome for the dub

    Carolina Howard Reply

    Maybe MORE 😂

Lebron James Reply

Reminds me of the throw my boy Danny Dimes did yesterday to Slayton

    HTX 713 Reply

    “Danny dimes” pfffffttt🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mad Town Reply

    @HTX 713 Waaaayyyy better than that Mitch bum.

    HTX 713 Reply

    @Mad Town True

    Wesley Davis Reply

    Daniel “Johnny dime bags” Jones really did put that One on the money.

flyazzplayboy Reply

Josh was praying because he already knows his stock has been steady dropping 😂😂 Touchdown Buddy

Antonio Kim Reply

He learned from the best Julio Jones when he was in Atlanta Jones the true toe tap king 👑

    Justinn N Reply

    Antonio Kim believe that 💯💯 RiseUp

Stephano Reply

Redskins have been outscored 587-50 on Monday Night Games. Remembrr that vick game. Bro

    Fast Kash Reply

    @Escocivo 30 foreal

    This Guy Reply

    @Munchie Crunchy honestly! He would be a lot better

    Bill Woo Reply

    Oh, come on. What’s their real point record?

    Stephano Reply

    @Bill Woo it is. Do your research?

    Bill Woo Reply

    @Stephano I was being tongue in cheek/ironic. I should have put a winky smiley there. Anyway, that’s a dramatic, beyond dramatic margin.

King Ausinator Reply

Josh Norman just looking forward to playing smash on his switch once he gets home

    Munchie Crunchy Reply

    Josh Norman never had what it takes to be a varsity athlete 😥

    James Leonard Reply


    Booker Reply

    He needs to be put at Free Safety

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

it’s not the throw that amazes me. It was the catch. That was clutch.

    Saleh Awwad Reply

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career The throw was crazy

G S Reply

Losing a high caliber O’linemen is significant. Look at CLE without Zeltier. O’linemen are the most important, without them you can’t pass or run. They need to trade Williams for a package deal, because he’s not coming back any time soon.

    Munchie Crunchy Reply

    Imagine if the coach get killed 😪

    BeastMode 21 Reply

    I damn near want my Patriots to trade for him but only a 2nd rounder especially no player for player deal either

quan Brooklyn kid Reply

I’m going for the Chicago Bears… but damn come on Washington Redskins put up a fight,

mojo jojo Reply

Josh Norman said nope…the review said yep!..lol

LeBears Reply

To all the people who think this is shocking Tribusky thrown 6 TD passes in a game last year

    Brandon Dabney Reply

    If anything he should have thrown 6 this game. He needs to play better. We will be playing better teams all year.

    googly moogly Reply

    @Frantz Lenin mahomes is better for sure, but he is also a bit of a product of Andy Reid, these elite QBs usually have elite coaches, and Nagy is very iffy. Still Mahomes is better, yes.

Booker Reply

Josh Norman needs to be traded.

Whose idea was it to match him up against the fastest person on that team??

    Taylor Bettencourt Reply


D 3 Reply

The Redskins are cursed…..like if they were on the cover of Madden! 😂😂

Evan Junio Reply

Josh Norman is burnt toast literally every play lol

Mike S Reply

Washington has been eliminated from playoff contention

Justin Wines Reply

Josh norman making a living outta giving up big plays

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