Tarik Cohen: We’re more hungrier than we are patient – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Benjamin button

Feed Cohen the ball now !!!

john brittain


Demaryius Thomas

He has so much talent he just has to stop dropping the ball this season!

    desean wright

    Best player on the team. Stop cappin

João Nepomuceno

“More hungrier”

George Ibarra

My boy know what he want and the others do too just wait tell they all break out it’s going to be a scary sight 😳

OG Skywalker

As long as he cuts that running backwards bullshit he will be good

OG Skywalker

We need to put Paterson on the punt return Cohen calls for the fair catch too much he doesn’t try to make anything happen that’s the main reason we can’t score points the field position we’ve been getting off punts are terrible


    If you think that’s cohens decision you don’t know football. The ST coach is making the decisions. Telling him fair catch unless the fields wide open. Just give it a week or two and we’ll start seeing more returns


U gotta take each game at a time. Your record is even 1 – 1. And 2- 1 is the goal next. One game at a time

Matt Skiba

Feel like the whole team getting tired of pretending Mitch is good.


Da Bears vs Vikings is a much better measuring stick of how good the Bears are than vs Washington.

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