Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams Week 4 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Review That Reply

My prediction Rams 900 Bucs 3

    Dunwoody Reply

    Review That We will see

    Review That Reply

    @Dunwoody Ya on sunday? I dont get what youre trying to say


    Out matt Gay for please….Bucs

    Review That Reply

    BARNABYJONES09 all i gotta say is im glad your kickers last name is Gay

    Review That Reply

    BARNABYJONES09 gayest kicker in nfl

Khalil Scott Reply

Got the Rams in a Blowout

Rain Dakota Reply

Aaron Donald is gonna have a feast tbh

    King Aki'L Reply

    Yea but so will barrett and domt expect gurley to do anything this game

    Daniel Pressley Reply

    King Aki’L what have gurley did any game we saving him for the playoffs he knows this we know this everyone knows this. He will not limp in the playoffs this year trust me

    Rain Dakota Reply

    Gurley has been disappointing but it’s understandable he has a case of arthritis in his knee

Joshua Ivery Reply

La Rams is going to win that game

J Stiles Reply

LAR wins this by a good margin like 40-16

    DCas310 Reply

    J Stiles don’t jinx it man that’s what ppl were saying about them beating the Browns and they only won by a touchdown

    Daniel Pressley Reply

    DCas310 no preseason snaps at all I’ll take that bet in Vegas they just getting warm up but I do Tampa will play it close

Heso Melo Reply

AD Clay Fowler and Brockers are about to eat

Hunter Davis Reply

Rams 24 buccaneers 13

Landonplayz Games Reply

Rams 28
Buccaneers 17

tripple D Reply

Rams. 555
Bucs. -3

RAMS WIN by 552 points

    GreenCookie_RBLX Reply

    tripple D -3? If so it be an 558 point win.

    Merk100 Reply

    Rams 100000 yards
    Buccaneers -3 LMAO

cole schubert Reply

Let’s hope Tampa can shock the world.

    Eugene Rollins Reply

    The only thing that will be shocking is Bruce Arians quitting on his team😂😂

    Mike With the Sauce Reply

    Eugene Rollins your name is Eugene get out

Jags Nation Reply

Rams 28-20 Closed than expected

Dude Ranch Reply


Michael MACCHIA Reply

Where my Ram’s fans at? Its time for Whose House Nation to Rock the Ram”s House on Sunday! Im going with 38-17 Rams

    Michael MACCHIA Reply

    @Abc Abc That’s right my brotha!

    Vloged Gamez Reply


    Michael MACCHIA Reply

    @Vloged Gamez Rams House!!!

    rocko17171717 Reply

    Sack barret gon get like 2-3 sacks but yes you guys will win.

    Zay2k Tv Reply

    I jus wanna see old school gurley can I get a 20 yard touch down at least

David Mata Reply

Forgot to mention that one of the reason Winston had so many passing yards is due to the Giants having no push rush to speak of. The Rams Defensive line should stifle some of that production as they are very good at putting pressure on the QB. How do you miss this.

Jake Wilson Reply

Rams 28 Buccaneers 24!!! The Rams will bounce back against the Buccaneers!!! Let’s go Rams!!!

Fernando Hernandez Reply

rams will win and I’m going to the game

Tyler Miller Reply

A blowout and a half for the Rams, 3 or 4 ints from Crab legs



Jason W Sands Reply

Jameis lead your open recievers please.

Merk100 Reply

Buccaneers dnt stand a chance Aaron Donald n Matthews on defense oh yeah.. GO RAMS!!

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