Talking Super Bowl LIV from South Beach! | In the Trenches 1/28 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Talking Super Bowl LIV from South Beach! | In the Trenches 1/28

Chiefs Reporter BJ Kissel and Voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holthus team up to talk Super Bowl LIV, media night, and everything in between as they react to some of the top quotes from Tuesday's media availability while hanging out in South Beach. #SBLIV

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Ray Booth

What happen to Nick???

Denice Everhart

The people in the background. 🤣

samson gersing

CHIEFS kingdom!!–> I finally forgive the Rich Gannon Elvis Gurback debacles…go CHIEFS

    Vegas Crypto Ho

    and Pioli/Cassel

Frog Farmer


Please subscribe to Tommy Tabletop

Go chiefs!


4:16 thanks me later

Dillon Drake

Let’s go chiefs


I loved this episode. Loved the natural photo bombing. Great idea to do this from the beach. I know it is was hard work and we love it.

Tyler Prince

Does anyone else think 49er fans are being particularly unbearable leading up to the super bowl? I’ve seen so many comments by 49er fans who are extremely disrespectful about the Chiefs, I know they love their team but they need to relax a bit, it’s going to be a great game and I’m excited for it. Go Chiefs!

    Devil’s Advocate

    WeShowYou39071319 I’ve also seen them claiming Mahomes is overrated. They clearly have mental issues.


    Devil’s Advocate I even saw someone say that the 49ers would beat us in a shootout and we would only score 27 points😂laughable. I can’t wait to pull the trigger on them

    Josh Parks

    I have noticed that 49ers fans are quite arrogant. I always kind of liked the 49ers, but based on the comments I’ve read from their fans in the last week or so, I don’t see myself ever rooting for them in any way in the future. There’s a definite difference in being confident and being obnoxious.

    G M

    They have issues. Their old qb damn near ruined the spirit of football and America in general.


    Yes. Yes and yes. I moved from the Midwest to the West Coast, and the 49’ers fans attitude vs KC fans attitude is drastic. You can really see the lack of Midwestern hospitality, and kindness overall. If anything, I almost want my Chiefs to win just to humble the many obnoxious 49’ers fans.

Anthony Blethen

Definitely defending the trenches🔥

Josh Parks

It’s so nice to be in the Superbowl, but it really doesn’t matter unless you win it.
I hope you are right about the Chiefs being hyper focused.
There’s plenty of time to party after the season.

    Dale Winston

    I said the same thing. If i am onbthat team all i am doing us staying ready. Party afterwards

Mijemu mijemu

The only thing i am afraod of is the 49ers pass rush, Mahomes is going to have to three step drop fire, thats the way i see it.

Phil E

Yo BJ, if the Chiefs are victorious, can you get Big Red to gives us his Mahomes impersonation?

Vegas Crypto Ho

In the Trenches? More like In the Dunes or In the Ocean. All you need is for Tony Romo to hand you a Corona, hold the virus. Mitch, take the advice of ZZTop and “go get yourself some cheap sunglasses”. Go Chiefs!

Frankie the Junk Man

14:52-14:56, 17:47-17:52. Super hot girl in the background. Left side of the screen! Go Chiefs!

    Rick Barton

    Tragically over dressed.

    Frankie the Junk Man

    Lol true!

Tommy Sparks

I just ❤️ how you 2 are living the “Life of Riley”, along with the Chiefs!

ladner morse

Awesome segment! Loved the beachiness!

Kourtney Cox

Thanks for the shoutout! Great meeting you and enjoy your trip! Come see me at the Team Store at Arrowhead for all of your Super Bowl gear!

CmiLLz 23

Got my Super Bowl jersey in yesterday, my chiefs golden ale, and even chiefs champagne for after the W! Let’s go Chiefs!

Tamara Russell-Czwartacky

Love this episode! Where has Nick been the last few episodes?

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