Torin Thomas

Hes a beast!

The FireSpitter

Lol T.J. Lang, we miss you my dude.


This is amazing, Lions production crew been grinding lately


Lmao that was hilarious I knew he was gonna say something about the chairs

Austin Kammeraad

I thought this was an “im coming back” announcement video lol

crap face

He’s a cool guy so glade he called out Antonio Brown much respect TJ 💪

Patrick Chesbro

this is outstanding, ROFLMBO… great job… and great to see TJ Lang again… and his little girl is adorable…


Haha too funny, TJ Combo

Big Mike

Let’s go new talkin with tj series

Michael McDermott

Your daughter is absolutely adorable. My daughter is 12 now and I remember when she was that young. Enjoy it while it lasts brother because it goes by fast

    Ronnie Tarnacke

    I tell new parents that all the time .. so true..

Michael McDermott

If you ever get too bored I know a football team in Detroit that could always use an extra lineman. Detroit verses everyone.


I’m glad this is back!

Brian Ellis

Lmao I really thought that TJ hockenson was about to run the show for a second. Haha haha major props to everyone that made this.

Cricket 0

dominate 1 2 3. ok yer moms waiting.. good stuff

Kyle Renneberg

Come back to Detroit and be our offensive line coordinator! Trust me we need you this year


‘Going Nuts with T.J.’ it has a nice ring to it..sponsored by a nut company of course. Hockenson was so chill though, starting that segment, and that was absolutely hilarious! And we miss you Lang, they’ve got to have you do a segment for the team..don’t care what you call it, just please make it happen!

Colin 226

Not ashamed to say this is my 8th time watching this video and I’ll probably watch it another 10

Nick Cerini

Talking with TJ could still be a thing! Just because he’s retired doesn’t mean it’s over!

313 JMO

TJ was only a lion For Two years and he will be remembered by us Forever. Man I like this guy He’s a cool dude.


while AB is doing what he’s doing, the lions are doing this. I love that im a lions fan. We are never in the news because there’s no drama. Blue collar mentality

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