Talkin’ Cowboys: Will It Be A Track Meet? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Talkin’ Cowboys: Will It Be A Track Meet? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

The Talkin’ crew discusses key matchups for the Cowboys’ offense against the Saints and the challenges of facing Teddy Bridgewater, Alvin Kamara and New Orleans’ offense.

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every day kid Reply


Xavier Loredo Reply

Respond to me pls go cowboys

Dana Dean Reply

Love listening to all this football knowledge!

James Reply

Is there a way I can listen to this live in the UK?

    SlammedZero Reply

    I believe they stream it live on the Dallas Cowboys app.

    Jordan K Reply

    DallasCowboys dot com

    Darren Jones Reply

    I think they periscope these too

John Crabtree Reply

Just dont let kamara go crazy and somehow force some turnovers

Mick Swagger Reply

I WAS DYING! 😂😂😂 AT 16:30

    Darren Jones Reply

    Mick Swagger 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ was that real? It couldn’t be

    Mick Swagger Reply

    @Darren Jones I know, right?! 😂
    I was half wondering if the guy was pranking them. My sides were hurting so bad, I was laughing so hard!

    HIPPY STIX Reply

    It’s real. I worked with him. He’s a diehard fan who stutters. He calls in all the time too.

David Cantu Reply

Saints will be the real test, not taking away the first 3, but being realistic…if we beat the Saints pretty good, then I’m confident we are a top 5 team, but we shall see…Go Cowboys!

Phyrom Huy Reply

“Micky is absolutely right about that”
“I agree with Micky”
“Just like Micky said”
Geezus Broaddus you got any thoughts of your own?!

Nintengo 1985 Reply

IO! Sorry Brian missed that slam dunk. That was me at 30:00 you know take a pick and go get idk. Hell wait till the cardinals pack it in for the year, what’s it take to get Chandler Jones? A 4th? A 3rd? I’m all in!!!!!!

Shane Frillou Reply

my pick that needs a good game is Byron jones because he will be on thomas and if he gets beat on plays for TDs they will lose

Ben Brown Reply

My under the radar player that could change this game on our roster? Blake Jarwin. With Coop dinged a little bit and Gallup out, I think Moore gets a little more creative in our passing game to keep the chains moving. I could see Jarwin catching 5 passes, and they could easily be critical down and red zone opportunities.

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