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Eric Jefferson

Just because Smith was cool with his deal doesn’t mean that Zeke should be the same. Zeke’s concern isn’t the cap, it’s about getting paid as much as he can for the next 4-5 years. It’s business first then a love affair can grow after that. Zeke’s not waiting.

    Albert Paiz

    Zeke also has to realize that he’s under contract and that he should be at camp. It’s not that he wants, it’s the way he’s going about it. If he was a camp it probably be done

    Dan Blatt

    Zeke’s going about his business in the wrong way I feel, and if he thinks he’s got all the leverage then he’s going to lose more than money. Jones’s aren’t going to be extorted by Zeke or his agent, in my opinion.

    Michael Smith

    I wonder how Zeke feels about being traded to the Bills? Jerry and Stephen won’t overpay just because he’s not showing up. I’d hate to lose him but the TEAM is more important than any single player, no matter how great he is. I believe his agent is giving him terrible advise that could have a severely negative impact on Zeke’s career and life. I’d hate to see him go but if he’s not a team player then he can go rot in upper state NY or wherever he ends up. ✭ GO COWBOYS! ✭

Jimmy Greer

LOL did Mickey just take shots at Derek Eagleton for talking about plantar fasciatis?


This is such a great format! I love the practice view!!

Willie Davis

Zekes next


Zeke next than Prescott. Cooper getting paid a lot his final year they will get his done later.


Worried about our health on our oline. They struggled to pick up blitzes nd pass block one on one. They got to block great as a unit. Haven’t been in that form since 16 17.

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