Talkin’ Cowboys: Who Makes The Cut? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Talkin’ Cowboys: Who Makes The Cut? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

With preseason in the books and final cuts looming, the Talkin’ crew breaks down the roster – who helped themselves most in the finale, who’s in and who’s on the bubble?

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Daz Capone

Hill….. A Bust

    Dan Oliver

    Too Early for that assessment. Disappointing so far for certain.

    Felony Strutter

    Same thing you said about LVE when we drafted him..I know it…you were sayig “we need WR not LB” STFU

John Crabtree

Why do we keep hill if wise is a better player we should have drafted a safety

    Felony Strutter

    Because he is a second round pick in April. Hey I am NOT defendig him. The more I watch him…we totally reached on him…he essentally is a project for 2020. Also I love love Olumba works very hard, very hard since February…but he get two penalties a game he would be a better back up free safety than a corer and now we are about to lose MIke Jackson who is a better plaeyer than him but did not get a chance to show cause of injury. We better not cut Crawford. I lke Mike White but he is too much of the same thing, he cannot move the club even when we let him rn wth the 2’s.WHY IS JEREMY PARNELL NOT IN HERE????? Give him a shot to see what he still has? Also this MUST be said….Pollard is NOT…IS NOT nor will he ever be as good as Tony Dorsett but if Tony could make a living running between the tackles so could POllard…Dorsett was MUCH smaller than Pollad and he had no problem running up the middle for us…Pollard is exactly Preston Pearson but faster and EVERY TRUE LONG TIME Cowboys fan will tell you Preston is the best third back we ever had in history not even a discussion. There was no such thing as s third down back specialist until Preston Pearson in 1975 and he is the best third down back we have had since Ron Springs 1984. We are about to lose quality depth players. Also, now I am afraid to cut Taco because he looks like he might be getting it and he is playing through injury. We cannot lose Joe Jackson, Jalon Jelks….I am afriad he does not get through waivers..I think the 49ers pick him up. However Bryan and Mickey said something very important about our two youg speed receivers (Guyon and Johnson) every team has a player like that with speed they are trying to get other practice squad so that benefits us. ow Darrian Thompson has a high ankle sprain??? Sorry they build him up to be more tha he is. I would move OLumba to back up FS and keep Joe Jackson on the 53. Only we hold Darrin Thompson in high regard. He does not even stand out in practice. Also #80 has shown more thn our draft pick Schultz last year and is he that much of a better blocker than #80??

Em V

Can brodous chillout and let someone else talk?

    Felony Strutter

    Who should he let talk? CLueless Rob Phillps??? I cannot STAND Rob Phillips…he hates Cowboys fans, he thinks we are stupid and calls us “FREE GAME” walking around in other team’s stadiums. Bryan KNOWS.LIVES COwboys history and has a true passion for Cowboys football….Rob is CLUELESS…

    Em V

    @Felony Strutter sometimes it’s annoying he cuts people off especially Micky. Last night he cut sham off alot in the first half and second half he was alot better

    Felony Strutter

    @Em V Listen I have loved Brad for years….the BEST color/partners he has had have been Charlie Waters and Bryan…both MUCH better than Babe (I feel horrible saying that right now…God Bless you Babe and a MILLION time better than Hanson. Also I have known Mickey since 1991…Mickey cuts off people as well…

James Stricklin

Maybe the QB held the WR’S down! Mike White is a total waste.

    John Mathis

    Yeah, hopefully that experiment is OVER.

Jammal Williams

Hill is a Rookie’ not a bust- juss got to get tru the growing pains .

Felony Strutter

Again , I LOVE LOVE Olumba’s ball skills (which we desperately need) and talk to anyone he has been there working out at the Star like a Sean Lee, Jason Witten. However because of his lack of speed and always taking penalties, he lost us single-handedly the 2018 preseason game in San Fran and you can call him every game for multiple penalties. For me the kid is a nickel package safety. They are afraid he of him being another Terrance Mitchell…who became a starter for KC but again, he takes penalty after penalty but Mitch had a bad attitude unlike Donovan. Ya know, since players get hurt so much more than they used to, why can’t in the next CBA rosters can’t go to 60 but can only dress 54? The owners can MORE MORE than afford to do so…maybe even 65. Hell that is the main reason the Redskis won Super Bowls under Gibbs; the Redskins would stash with fake injures about 15 tight ends, O and D line.

Felony Strutter

CUT MARCH-LLIARD and put Phillips or Hall. Keep 7 LB’s: Lee, LVE, Jaylon, Thomas, GIfford, Hall and Phillips…March DID NOT have a good preseason….you can keep all 7 of those LB’s.


Just cut Phillips

Dan Blatt

Olumba has showed me a lot, and has the right body type. Hoping he makes the team, because he’s a good tackler too

James Stricklin

I really wish they would stop protecting T. Hill. Dude has been MIA all preseason. He didn’t play against one starter and still got drove off the ball

John Mathis

Man, screw the draft position! If Wise is playing better than Hill, Wise makes the damn team. All that politically correct bull💩 needs to be thrown out the window.

Keith Tauber

Only bozos like Chunn over Weber. Chunn doesn’t do a thing for me.

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