Talkin’ Cowboys: What’s The Latest on Running Back Zeke? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Michael Buchanan Reply

Let’s get this done and focus for week 1

    Mike Thomas Reply

    Michael Buchanan: Agreed!! 👍😊🍺.

Jaylon.Leighton Reply

It’s gonna get done this weekend


Definitely will be done he’s flying back from Cabo.

    Chris Jones Reply

    Charity event

Eric Jefferson Reply

It’s a business first and a love affair second. $$>championships ANYDAY.

Dan Blatt Reply

Zeke sick of Mexican food hopefully, and wants to eat some 💰 🥧….

Automobili Lamborghini Reply

This gets done by tonight or tomorrow morning, and you’ll see Ezekiel Elliott on the sideline tomorrow.

    Kenneth Banks Reply

    Automobili Lamborghini u sure?

Dan Blatt Reply

That’s right Micky, exactly how it works with the 13% Cal State income tax, before federal taxes.

Jammal Williams Reply

The NFL should expand the roster to 63, that would make every team a lot better,plus the salary cap..

Anthony Lee Reply

Broaddus likes to hear hisself talk… Rambles on and on and says nothing..

    ICE H2O Reply

    Anthony Lee, I disagree with you. He’s real informative.

    Anthony Lee Reply

    @ICE H2O Informative on what? These guys are speculating, they know about as much as we do… And if you pay attention, Broaddus is always wrong about personnel..

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