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Dan Blatt

Talkin’ Cowboys 👍👍

Justin Thomas


    The four Musketeers


71 PRODUCTIONS Newman Highlights

How bout them cowboys

B Henderson

Hope Charlton is ok mentally…
I seen his drill early on and he seemed a little frustrated by the “pro bowl this year Taco” banter from the crowd.
Personally I like Charlton a lot but he leaves the field in bad times from fitness or frustration idk but he has the make up to be a great player.

Idk Cowboys fans, not sold on Charlton
Maybe Armstrong takes his spot?

Mark Krok

All i think is how much i hated the taco pick Mclays only bad choice , TJ Watt was right there.


Taco has not showed me anything special time to move on from him.

    Heem Boy

    Facts, We Definitely Need To Shake Him

Nate Reed

The Taco crowd will cling to any good plays as proof that he isn’t a draft bust.

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