Talkin’ Cowboys: Start Of A Trend? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Talkin’ Cowboys: Start Of A Trend? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Can the offense sustain its high level of play from the opener? The Talkin’ crew discusses. Also, key matchups against Washington’s defense this Sunday.

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SW La Follett Reply

No audio… been like this on most shows this week.

Greg Myers Reply

No audio

Adam Burke Reply

No sound for the first 6 and a half minutes. Come on guys… imagine if the team didn’t show up for half a quarter of a game!

    James Reply

    That would be like watching a slightly better dolphins team

Casey Broadway Reply

Audio picks up at 6:28 in.

Scuba Tortoise Reply

Audio doesn’t start until about 6:29

HemmHon Reply

It’s okay folks, they got the sound working. After six minutes or so into the video.

Sean Reply

The dam producer needs to find a new job. What in god’s name is this amateur BS???

Dr. Bass M.D. Reply

Where is Kent

med vet Reply

Why has all the shows had problems since kent left. all of these guys are pros but the ametuers in the back are letting them down.

Charles Blount Reply

No sound

BlitzWolf Reply

I`m an audio engineer here in Canada. Give Me a job I`ll fly down and I won`t screw up like your guy.

Mark Goldsmith Reply

There is no sound for the first few minutes. Please correct ASAP.

Joshua Bryant Reply

Where is Kent Garrison?

Mark Goldsmith Reply

I agree with Micky. They have to do a better job against the run and make Washington one dimensional.

OldBoyFilms Reply

Ever since we lost Kent things have been messed up, definitely not trying to get anyone fired but the quality needs to step up

David Cantu Reply

Donde esta Kent??

Bishman Reply

Cowboys fire who ever messed up the sound for the first 6 mins. Cmon that is very amateurish

Amateur_Stargazer Reply

Brian.. u dont work for philly anymore … cowboy fans don’t wanna hear philly love lol

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