Talkin’ Cowboys: On The Lookout For Depth? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Not the real Lloyd Banks Reply

What up fellas!

Not the real Lloyd Banks Reply

1. What percentage of snaps will Donovan Wilson get at safety week 1, if he makes roster (I’m sure he will).
2. Chances that Amari is available week 1

    Deke1 Reply

    100% makes the roster, 100% cooper plays week 1…..

KjRA Reply

I love this group because they’re very informative in regards to the team and you can understand every word they say without having to strain to put meaning and intent together lol
No Spanglish lol

    Chris White Reply

    you should learn Spanish!

Jay W Reply

Why on earth would we trade Taco?!?! Especially with the most suspended D-line in all of football. That would make no sense. 26 min mark

Dividend Income Reply

The question @ 20:20 sounds like a proposal for some seriously illegal, backdoor, shady stuff LOL!! WTF?!

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