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Sven Kreuzberg

Dak go to Jerrys office and tell him, i want my money now or you need a new QB on the weekend ! This is horrible by the Dallas Cowboys front office ! Unbelieveble !


    I’d tell the S.O.B. to take a hike, then. He wouldn’t get a dime if he refused to play. The Dallas brass are FINALLY starting to show some sense about the salary cap and there’s no need to let one player dictate to them like that.

Brian Warren

@11.53 No, actually the numbers are very interesting. so no not tired head Braudus.

da Star

I don’t buy the narrative that how Dak plays doesn’t change the numbers in mind for his contract. That makes no sense at all because if he was stinking it up he wouldn’t get a contract at all.

    Jammal Williams

    ” It’s all about Economics” if I make u more money” u Should paid me more-er” people don’t understand that” Yea we Win as a team” Pay me my Cash ..

    Jammal Williams

    ” Zeke going to Eat’ all day long’ till he’s throwing up” he will be alright. Cowboys Nation ” see u in Miami..🤔🤔🤔

Stonehall Studios

It’s time to pay Dak and heres why

Jammal Williams

” Dak gonna get get “40 mill- year – well Deserved’ in my opinion” Cowboys Nation I’m out…


    He’s good…but not THAT good, not $40 million good, anyway..

David Cantu

Dak will get his money, and I think both sides will be happy. Just needs to happen so we can focus on the others and more importantly the rest of the season. Daks making money now anyways with his endorsements and honestly, I’m sure JERRY JONES has chunked some cash at him, “bonuses “……

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West World

Dak has accepted playing out his rookie contract at $2 m. He would be stupid to include this year in any extension contract as it reduces the average pay dramatically.

There will unlikely be a deal this season, due to the $2 m bringing down the average, unless the average is at least $30 m fully guaranteed( ie. 4 year $150 extension fully guaranteed.)

Again. Cousins got $27 million fully guaranteed for 3 years and Dak is clearly a better player than Cousins. And the $2 m Dak is getting this year dramatically reduces the average.


    It’s all about the signing bonus, “cash in hand”, then comes the length of he contract. I want Dak to get all he’s worth, but I also don’t want to see him, Zeke, Cooper and Tank hamstring the salary cap. They’ve FINALLY got it under control for the first time in decades.

    West World

    @SaulBaddNo. JJ’s messed up caving into Zeke’s demands.
    The 2019 Cowboys is not Scott Linehan’s Zeke reliant offense. The team does not need Zeke in order to be a SB winning team.
    The Patriots have shown how to build a championship winning team and you dont’ need a rushing champion nor do you need top dollar to star players.
    The Cowboy don’t need Zeke or Cooper … but they do need Dak.
    Zeke & Cooper should have only been offered team friendly contracts … otherwise trade or let them walk.
    Getting a good QB is not easy, and the Cowboys got lucky getting Dak with a 4th rd pick and only paying him $4 m for four years. Dak has easily out performed his rookie contract and deserves to be paid top money … because the Cowboy need him.
    No Dak and Cowboys will suck even with Cooper & Zeke.
    JJ messed up.
    Hunt, Kamara, Bell, Murray etc are all 2nd round or later RBs being paid $4 m for four years.
    Zeke was contracted for 5 years and $30 m and got greedy, spiteful and selfish after 3years..
    Dak honored his $4 m four year contract, and is now wanting to be paid for being the most important player on the team.
    Don’t include Dak & cooper in with Zeke for any cap hits. Dak & Cooper never held out with after 3 years receiving $18 m and demanding more money.

santiago villa

what would happen if dak said,” hell no! i am going free agent next season”…


    Let him. Dallas can always hang the franchise tag on him.

Philip DuBeau

signing maliek collins would be a huge mistake


    I agree. He never plays hard and now that its a contract year he trying to ball out. Once we pay hin he guna go back to his lazy and injured self


    I’d like byron jones to receive a contract extension soon. The available pie is getting smaller and smaller.

    Also would consider extending jourdain lewis.


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