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Jason Bradham

Pay Zeke you hypocrites

Skeptical Fan


taco meat

Jerry my guy

Verl Keeler

its OUR year

David Cantu

I kinda feel bad for Mickey, starting to turn into the old dude that everyone ignores, interrupts, blows off ect….I actually like his views and comments for the most part…

    Justin Quarles

    Mickey is the man!!!โ˜†

West World

The offense has been Zeke’s offense for the last 3 seasons … with Scott Linehan. Zeke failed to lead the team to glory.

The 2019 Cowboys no longer need Zeke. Kellen Moore is determined to be the complete opposite of Linehan, Dak is being properly coached to be a passer, the is a good if not great running game by committee, and receiving corp is deep.

JJ was never going to pay Zeke top dollar. JJ was either going to run the life out of Zeke for 7 years … or … trade him after 4 years.

JJ simply made a mistake allowing Scott Linehan to kill Reomo’s offense, push Romo into retirement, stop the development of Dak behind Romo for 2-years … and created the crap Zeke offense. Again. Zeke has had it his way for 3 years and still no SB.

The experiment was a failuer … and wasted Zeke’s talents for muiltimple SB runs .. under Romo or Romo’s backup QB(Dak).

Zeke has played his last game for the Cowboys … unless he caves to serve out his coutract to joing Dak’s team to win at leaast 1 SB in the next 4 years.

gdubb 1228

Its amazing its only honor the contract when its the player but a business decision when the team cut a player early smh…..players get cut every season and i have never heard a media outlet say the team needs to honor the contract they gave the player…..

    d H

    Well zeke does have the option to sit out for the next 5 years if he chooses… Or he can honor his contract until they can pay him. He is under contract for 2 more years and then 2 years of Franchise tags Plus if he doesn’t show up by the 6th they get another year is he is here for the next 5 years if Dallas chooses. They are honoring his contract… he should do the same and they will take care of him when his turn comes up. Dallas is responsible to put a team on the field to play for the fans, its not the players responsibility. When you own your own team you can be the one calling the shots but when you work for somebody they have control.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Unless you can get a masters in Biomedical engineering then it’s really difficult field to get into. Salaries for these coveted jobs are around 60k.

He’s not going to get rich off of his engineering degree.

gene tucker

larry only started because eric got hurt.

Mark Johnston

you guys need to work on evening out your volumes lol….you have to turn up the volume to hear Mickey’s meek voice, then you get SCREAMED at by Bill Jones lol..

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