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fireindahole Reply

The ain’ts are a 2 trick pony with Kamara and Thomas

MrSwagnificient77 Reply

Live the pod guys!

Wayne Jeffery Reply

Got the Spence fight Saturday then cowboys Sunday night weekend can’t get no better

    JayPharmD Reply

    R u going to Knockouts to watch the fight?

    Spoon Jones Reply

    Facts 💯💯

Mark Frederick Reply

I don’t need to see Smith make spectacular plays. I would like to see him tackle a Running back head up and knock a snot bubble out of his nose. He is guessing and keeps leaving his feet!

Craig Wall Reply

Broaddus you interrupt every single comment

    David Cantu Reply

    For sure….needs to let everyone speak…gets on my dang nerves

    flyinglizards80 Reply


    Jonathan Reply

    He rambles too 🤷‍♂️

    Ed Ed Reply

    was anybody surprised that Broddus was going to jump in, damn he just can not shut up

king6eor6e Reply

U guys are way off. Ppl are saying something is wrong with smith bc he’s not running anymore. He’s like galloping. Like he’s hurt. Has a hitch in his step. Something isn’t right.

    David Cantu Reply

    I thought the same thing…either he’s playing for some clause in his new contract, so he’s being careful or yes, definitely hurt and something is up. Hopefully its not the latter…

    Loaded Glock Reply

    I’ve definitely noticed him running awkwardly.. 🤔 really hope its nothing serious. But Joe Thomas is a very solid backup

Steven Pringle Reply

Thomas is argueablely the best LB on this team. Could it be that the coaches is now hip?

Wayne Hawkins Reply

Tony Pollard ain’t no Zeik.Are you for real.Pollard with 25 to 30 carries per game , for real…..Pollard is a change of pace back.!!!!!! correct

Wayne Hawkins Reply

The coaches are trying to find out what they have in their players by playing them.Put the players in a meaningful game.Keep your players healthy and just win….We must tackle as a team,The front for must put pressure on Bridgewater.Game over.The offensive team must focus for four quarters.

Dallasfan0421 Ten Reply

Jaylon Swift is a superb blizter. But he has played poorly the first 3 games. I saw him whiph on a couple tackles or over run plays. He has been a below average linebacker so far. Hopefully he can turn it around. At least be an average linebacker

    Ryan M Reply

    Who the heck is “Jaylon Swift”? Do you mean Smith?

    Steven Henderson Reply

    Ahh yes Jaylon Swift the brother of Taylor Swift

Ed Ed Reply

Broddus jumps right in, f&&& shut the hell up


All you can do is just play ball. One game at a time.

West World Reply

wth? That’s the way Russell Wilson plays? Running for his life/

What a stupid remark.

RW is running for his life … because Pete Carroll has never given him reliable protection from the OL.


Y Z Reply

dude in the blue was tight the whole episode lol

Quinton Sanders Reply

Defensively we’ve been playing horrible we’re getting gashed in the middle chido was lost! Offensive side of the ball Kellen Moore needs to whip up a game plan last couple of weeks we’ve been flat looking Scott Linehan like!. I still hate Connor Williams 😡 100 yards worth of penalties AT HOME are u kidding me!?!

    brett barreras Reply

    Quinton Sanders we still dropped over 30 points both games what are you expecting out of the offense bro lol. Can’t ask much more out of kellen at this point in my opinion. Defense has work to do no question

    Quinton Sanders Reply

    @brett barreras I want the same offense week 1 don’t get vanilla on me now

brett barreras Reply

Rob has had it with Mickey haha. Mick always getting under his skin I love it

MrSpectralfire Reply

30-20 Dallas. The key to the game is can Dallas stop the run. If the Dallas defense lets Kamara run wild it will be a long day but if they can limit the run game I don’t think Bridgewater can be consistent in the pass game. He’ll get a few big passes but have a bad 3rd down %. Dallas offense can find a way to score. Either the Zeke heavy approach from the past or the new Dak focussed offense something will work.

Kaptain KoRn Reply

Tank has teddy’s number 😎



SJ Easley Reply

Where is Nate?

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