As OTAs continue, the Talkin’ crew debates the roster positions that might be the toughest to trim down after training camp.

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31 replies on “Talkin’ Cowboys: Most Competitive Spots? | Dallas Cowboys 2019”

  1. Mickey keeps me rolling. He’s not for the bullshyt and stupid questions…😂😂😩💀.

  2. Micky is your typical “older fan.” He gets so angry and is very stuck in his ways.

  3. Broauddus I commend you on your introspection and ability to correct a stance you previously held. I’m sure management pulled you to the side but I could still tell you were sincere in your understanding with the new information provided to you. Now if you could only get that mindset and ability to evolve and change when new information is presented…if you could only get other people like you to THINK as well this would be a much better space to exist in. (Don’t worry only admin can see my post for some reason)

  4. Earl Thomas would elevate your defense and take them to the next step. Would bring leadership and create more turnovers.

  5. We need speed and quickness and young legs. How else are they going to learn and get better. Jonvea Johnson is definitely not a Camp body. Guyton is another. I would not be surprised that they cut Hurns ,Austin, Lenoir, Devin Smith and start Cooper, Gallup, Noah Brown,Cedric Wilson, Jonvea Johnson,and Guyton, with Pollard in the mix…..I’d be happy with that line up. Because the only one in that group that is worth it is Austin and he’s injury prone and more money then a rookie….Or keep Austin and one of the Guyton or Johnson on practice squad til Austin gets hurt…

  6. Brian!!! Thankyou!!! I’ve been yelling at the top of my lungs that if we wouldnt spend on earl Thomas.. then turned around and spent on McCoy it would be foolish

  7. Im sorry Ty Crawford is NOT a Starter & would be a cap cut if we had any of these young guys step up!

  8. No. Safety is a significantly lower priority position than 3T. Plus, Earl is coming off a season ending injury, and wanting a big long term deal. McCoy would sign a 1 or 2 year deal.

  9. You trade Collins, Suafilo goes to LG, William’s RT. The line will actually become better. Collins is an average T, his footwork is crap, he is a better G. They aren’t going to resign Collins, they didn’t resign Leary and he was better.

  10. He wins most of the debates with Bryan and Rob. They try to make fun of him. I see why Bryan is no longer a scout and talks scouting. Misses more than he hits.

  11. My favorite matchups or stories to watch during Training Camp:

    1) All the rehab situations giving other players a chance to shine. A) Byron Jones says he feels like he can go at the start of camp but we know the staff likes to bring players along slowly and cautiously. So I’m guessing Jourdan Lewis is gonna get his share of snaps against Amari. Will Lewis be able to handle his own against arguably a Top 5 WR in the NFL to win the #3 spot? And then who is gonna make the most of their reps & win the 5th CB spot and possible final spot on the roster for that position? B) Without Tank in likely ALL of training camp who is gonna make the most of their added reps? Taco, Dorance, Jelks or Jackson?
    2) LVE vs Pollard. Who doesn’t want to see this matchup in 7-on-7s? LVE’s long strides & ability to get deep in a zone vs Pollard’s 4.3 speed. Hell, I’d like to see this matchup in run drills as well. When Pollard decides to bounce it outside, can LVE work through the trash to catch the speedy guy for none-to-little gain? I believe these 2 guys can really push each other to be better.
    3) Trysten vs Martin. I doubt the rookie is gonna get many W’s in these reps. I don’t think we should be worried when Hill doesn’t get the W’s. Him getting a stale-mate against Martin is probably gonna be a W against the lesser guards in the NFL. But Trysten is certainly gonna learn a lot by being thrown into the deep end against the best in the game. It’s much like Tyron Smith vs Ware…his rookie year Smith looked lost against Ware, but he held his own against all the other DE’s in the league. By the 2nd year Smith was winning most of the reps against Ware.
    4) WR battles. I love the Top 3 guys. I believe with the Top 3 the Cowboys can hang with any WR group in the league. But whose gonna be the backup 3? Personally I think it should be 2 vets and 1 of the speedy rookies. I think Tavon might be one of the guys. His punt return abilities keep him on the team & he can be Pollard’s backup. The other veteran I would go with Allen Hurns but he might be the gameday inactive. Hurns can backup every WR spot, so if someone is missing for an extended time then Hurns becomes active. He’s also a coach’s & player’s favorite and truly is a role model worthy of children to look up to. But which speedy rookie will it be?

  12. Just because Crawford may get the start, it doesn’t mean he’s getting starter snaps. The defense should be playing from ahead in most games….meaning that Quinn is getting starter snaps. And their point is that Crawford is a better run defending DE so you put him in for 1st downs & 3rd and shorts.

  13. Players that I’m watching…aside from the premier matchups. Start with Donovan Wilson, then keep an eye on Chris Westry, and which speedy rookie WR wants to make the squad.

    1) I feel confident that Wilson can take Kavon Frazier’s job as ST player & extra box safety. But can Wilson also make Iloka expendable? Iloka isn’t much of a ST guy so Wilson has the advantage there. But will Wilson prove to be just as reliable as Iloka on defense? If he does, I think Iloka may not make the roster. Plus, you may think more of Awuzie, Jackson, Westry as emergency backup FS candidates when building the roster.
    2) I’ve heard that Westry has been playing some redzone FS. His height & quickness will help along the backline. The more he can do, the more likely he makes the roster. I think if he can prove enough on ST and in his redzone safety spot that you might overlook some flaws, at least as a rookie, in his CB game.
    3) Guyton or Johnson? If you keep Allen Hurns, I believe he’s such a swiss army knife for the WR position that it allows you to keep one of the speedsters. I kinda think Johnson has the edge so far mainly because Guyton’s hands aren’t there yet. I’ve always believed, give me the WR who can catch & I’ll worry about whatever flaws (speed, routes, size, durability, etc) there are later. And maybe Johnson does need to polish his route tree more so than Guyton he has the better hands & a special knack for getting deep.

  14. It sounds good in theory, too bad teams don’t play offense like that. The Truth is Crawford is a tweener who is a way overpaid good guy without a position. Perhaps we have more talent so he doesn’t make the team this year?

  15. @Jeffrey Mayer Dude, based on where I live I’m forced to pay attention to the Texans. And just because you start a bunch of games doesn’t mean that you’re not injured. Just ask Tank & Woods how it felt playing with basically one shoulder.

    It was always the same thing with Su’a-Filo. You gotta ask yourself…WHY would an OL starved Texans team just allow Su’a-Filo to walk? Because they were tired of him being in the training room instead of the practice field & dealing with the “I guess he’ll be ready to go on Sunday” drama…especially when you’re an OL-starved team with no other option.

    And yes, Looney is my gameday utility backup lineman. 1st off, he’s not THAT good. He performed admirably considering we had very little expectations. And the fact of the matter was redzone, 3rd & shorts was a problem last year. That was some of Looney’s work right there. His inability to get a push was a real problem. But he serves a greater purpose as a backup than he could as a starter. The dude is my gameday utility backup lineman. With Looney able to backup all 3 inside spots I don’t have to carry an extra lineman on the active 45 and can use that extra spot on an extra DL or DB or WR…whatever I feel will be an advantage for that week.

    Also, it wasn’t the eye that kept Su’a-Filo out last year. The dude was playing on 2 bad ankles…a common thing for him while in Houston. Always seemed to have a sprain or a strain.

  16. @Jimmy Greer 1) Houston moved on from Suafilo who by the way was one of only 2 linemen to start for them in the same position for nearly 2 years because of a new GM (who just got fired) spending money on 2 free agent Gs. If you are forced to pay attention to the Texans you might know that.
    2) Injuries are part of the game, in college my line coach use to say are you injured or hurt? if you aren’t injured tape it, brace it, take your panties off and pad up. I’ve played entire seasons with a torn labrum basically blocking with one arm, and playing an entire season with a torn meniscus in my L knee. Sprained countless ankles. Its football, if you can play you do.
    3) You talk about Looney being not that good and mention the push but you don’t seem to really go into detail as to why the Cowboys had difficulty with push which leads me to believe I’m discussing with someone with limitations when it comes to football as well limitations with the English language…who opens a comment with DUDE? At any rate to make it simple for you, the Cowboys Center makes an initial line call, points out blitzes, calls the coverage and zone. On short yardage he makes the initial call based on the play, it is then the Gs job to make the proper read of whether to double, man, backer. Williams (a non G & undersized) being a rookie and everything in parentheses is why he struggled mightily. Insert Suafilo… OMG the Cowboys are magically better. A veteran, good pedigree, just didn’t get resigned by the team that drafted him. Because the new GM had money to spend and did then the new guys got hurt. Reread the last few sentences and then insert Looney for Suafilo. As McGregor wasn’t as good as William’s nor Suafilo in college. Will he eventually be a good NFL lineman, perhaps, but he may even be further down the depth chart in a few years than anyone expects.

  17. @Jeffrey Mayer funny how a mental midget who can barely put together a thought is talking about intelligence. So you’re gonna pass the buck on Looney being the reason why Dallas was dead last in goal-to-go situations onto Connor Williams. Even though the same problem persisted under Su’a-Filo as well. Things just didn’t magically come together because of that move. It got more efficient but it still had that major redzone flaw. Hmmm, maybe it’s not the variable in the equation but the constant.

    And that’s a hilarious story you made up to about the GM. It wasn’t just the Texans. Su’a-Filo was on the market a while. And this league is DESPERATE for good OLinemen. You act like the Texans just couldn’t afford a guy who ended up settling for a “prove-it” type of deal.

    The Cowboys took a chance on Su’a-Filo and he worked out really well for about 6 games. But then he got banged up like he always has….but this time he was on a team with depth & he lost his starting spot.

  18. lol, I think he reads the comments because it seems a little like he’s trying harder to be likeable

  19. Bryan B ???? He needs to find another show, he sucks on this one!!!!!

  20. Jimmy Greer
    3) Hill is not ready!!! His tape is not just bad, but ugly ..,,,,.. Memphis game he could have watched from the bench because he did ZERO!

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