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Not the real Lloyd Banks Reply

What up guys!!

Not the real Lloyd Banks Reply

Big test this week. Hopefully the noise is crazy, because we all know in three weeks the NO Superdome will be rocking. It’ll be good adversity practice

    ETC Mob. Reply

    Redskins will be an easy win

    Not the real Lloyd Banks Reply

    We need to be plus in the turnover game and we will be good to go

Jarrod Collins Reply

Pollard can return punts can’t he?

    Not the real Lloyd Banks Reply

    Yeah he should be. Cobb was back there a couple times on Sunday too

    Tyler Main Reply

    Austin can be more explosive an Cobb is a good vet they feel a lil more confident in them I guess

    Banter Reply

    Pollard is a VERY good PR.

Mark Frederick Reply

Okay Broadus you have said the same thing 6 times. We understand that if Taco is inactive there me be something going on.

    supermCcnasty Reply

    Yea Inlike Broaddus a lot but he annoyed me this entire episode.

Mark Frederick Reply

Tyrone Crawford is causing the issues. He is not good at either position but we keep him for dirty work and flex. It has been time to move on from him.

    Henry Hill Reply

    I agree 💯

    Antbeast23 Reply

    Need a complimentary pass rusher. We lacking the sacks besides dlaw. Crawford move on from him after this year.

Lenny Storm Reply

Ok here is some truth dont go and use your children to get an autograph when the kid is not even a cowboy fan,wearing the other teams Jersey and wanting an autograph,utter disrespect to DeMarcus Lawerence

Terrence Howard Reply

Don’t understand why they were so quick to keep Tavon on the roster. He’s always hurt!

    Ogs Rollin Reply

    did u not see his punt returns in the playoffs? dynamic

    Terrence Howard Reply

    @Ogs Rollin He made a couple of plays last year. But most of the year he was hurt. Groin injury, I believe. And b4 he came to Dallas, it was the same.

kaddo34 Reply

The whole point of the hill pick was that we got completely run over in the Rams game. Now the guys inactive? Your telling me we skipped Adderley Rapp or Thornhill for a guy that’s inactive? How much longer can Jeff Heath go out there and be a traffic cone before we address safety?

    Henry Hill Reply

    @Luis Faustino Robert suspend 2 games and I’m sure he will get sacks once he returns . I’m just saying our biggest problem stopping the run . I don’t want same problem as rams game again that’s all.

    Luis Faustino Reply

    Lost Timing you were obviously one of them since you pointed that out

    Luis Faustino Reply

    Henry Hill yea I feel you but at the same time we were 7th against the run, we just had a bad game chill out, defense is the reason offense looks like that. We would love extra help tho, more threats. Trust me defense is taking us to the Bowl!

    Antbeast23 Reply

    Could of gotten a safety man.

Dighz Reply

Jon vea??

Banter Reply

They completely passed by Pollard as a kick returner!
Pollard’s return play was one of the things that jumped out
for me before he was even drafted by the Cowboys.|
Put Pollard in there to return.

    West World Reply

    @Henry Hill lol. You mean they might do that or that might not?

    I say they MUST convert Pollard to a SWR and PR, otherwise they are wasting his talent backing up Zeke.

    Henry Hill Reply

    @West World I agree with you , but Garrett has no idea wtf he’s doing .

    West World Reply

    @Henry Hill If Kellen Moore makes the Cowboys offense top 5 this season … and wins the SB with Dak MVP …. Kellen Moore will be the the new Cowboys HC and the youngest ever

    Garrett is gone after this season no matter what. It’s now whether JJ is going to go for a veteran HC … or takes the huge gamble on a young gun like Kellen. I’m putting my money on Kellen … if the offense significantly improves this season and definitely on Moore if they win the SB.

    Remember that JJ has fast tracked Kellen’s coaching career. If Kellen is a huge success this season with the offense, … JJ will make Kellen the Cowboys version of McVay …. that JJ help create.

    Henry Hill Reply

    @West World I absolutely love what he has done . I never wanted Scott here from day 1. Sky is the limit with this team.

Leanthony Dodson Reply

DLAW for president 2020! GOOOOOOOO COWBOYS!

Jonathan Cook Reply

2 words for ya Cedric Wilson

Fabio Key Reply

Broaddus is so annoying. Y’know?

West World Reply

WTH? The kid was a Giants fan at a Cowboys home game. Dlaw wasn’t approached by a kid who’s clearly a Cowboys fan.

The parents of brought their child to the exit of all the Cowboys players from the Stadium, to get a Cowboys autograph … wearing Giants gear. They set their own child up for a humiliating rejection.

jaysonseraile Reply

Washington home opener they will be fired up …..gotta stay focused it’s always tricky when its dallas/Washington….

Austin Lee Reply

Y’all hate on Bryan but he’s my favorite lol

    Mark Frederick Reply

    I prefer Mickey

Antbeast23 Reply

Washinghton defense have us trouble last year but hopefully it’s different the 2nd game last year played better in 2nd half.

Mark Motley Reply

Why do we have wide receivers blocking? Yikes what a statement

    HemmHon Reply

    Maybe he meant, why do we have 170 pound wide receivers blocking.

John Snow Reply

we heard talking all off season about this defensive line and it looked bad in week one you could have drove a truck through our defensive line

HemmHon Reply

Ohh man, Cowboys gonna win so big, gonna beat redskins.

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