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Keyz And O's Reply

First to show love for the Boys!

Grayson Cox Reply


    Lava LifeGuard Reply

    No you’re not, but if you were you could pick up your 3 jelly beans from the concession stand on the way out.

Jaco Smith Reply

Can i please get a pin please

The real p30 Reply


    Mr. Unknown Reply


lasay inchrist Reply

5th😂🤣go cowboys

TrillCaptain300 Bishop Reply

just saying the older, shortest guy wearing the gray sweater. I can barley hear him

Chris Johnson Reply

I dont like calm Mickey. The best shows are when Mickey loses his shyt, and gets irritated by everybody…

    Joseph Andrada Reply

    Hahahahaha yessss. Then Rob rolls eyes, makes his faces, exhales and snaps back at Mickey lmao

thadude 1 Reply

I agree with what is being said about the offense. But I am still a little salty because Dez would have dominated with some designed plays like that. I just feel like they did him wrong and now he is unable to make a living. For a guy that was a bit rough around the edges but loved the Cowboys.

maajuub101 Reply

This is a non issue, If jalen Ramsey would have gotten an extension then maybe Zeke would have something to fight about but the truth is he has 2 year left. Not that he is suppose to worry about what they have to do but at the same time they are more pressed about the people they want that are not under contract. Zeke cant even pull a Leveon because he only had a year left, Zeke would have to play 2 years of chicken to get his money. Legal or not if i have Jerry as a boss I dont even want all the front end money, I want to know who you can plug me in with to get more money outside of football. If you can get me 6/7 million a year from other ventures then my football price can come down.

thadude 1 Reply

NFL should take a page from NBA. Teams should get some leway or relief on the salary cap for signing their own players.

Kevin Baker Reply

feed zeke for a championship

Jason Bradham Reply

Pay Zeke

John Crabtree Reply

I hope they work something out soon im sick of hearing about contracts rather here about who’s looking good in training camp

gene tucker Reply

rob is a bully!!

Glenn John Reply

Please post these things when they are still friggin relevant.

Awake Productions Reply

The sound was annoying… from quiet to loud too much.

Donny Knepper Reply

You may not need the NFL’s leading rusher to win the Super Bowl, but the Cowboys need Zeke if they intend to be a legitimate contender in 2019

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