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Ian Good

Go cowboys

Justin D

Give Dez another chance.

    Jim Johnson

    If they get a different qb than yes, if it’s Prescott than no. Dez Bryant is the type of receiver that you have to throw at his cuts and before he turns so that he can outmuscle and you have to throw up to the correct shoulder down deep, he can win double coverage that way. Prescott doesn’t do any of those things.

    Mark Thomas

    Dez is done. Let him go play in Miami.

    The Doctor

    He suffered a pretty bad injury,I don’t think he can come back..he’s been partying

    Daudi Ford

    @NormanRockswell u know it was the Offensive coaches that decided that not the Player right?

    Daudi Ford

    @The Doctor check his Twitter

Anthony Lee


norleena davies

It would be nice if they would talk about the team now.

    Phillip Ellis


Richard Ramos

Who is this mike Tyson sounding bafoon bring back Brian bradaus I cant stand to here these anymore


    Who F*ck do think YOU ARE calling this This ALL TIME great a “bafoon”? You’re NO Cowboy fan. Do your homework you ‘Johnny Come Lately!’ This guy is giving you a REAL history lesson. & This guy laced them up. Brian is on the radio, go there!


    Study some Cowboys history, man! He’s a Cowboy legend.

    Therman Tank James

    You are the Bafoon you don’t even have a clue who’s Everson Walls is go back under the rock you came from u dummy sorry excuse for a Cowboy fan what a joke!!!😂

    Alexander Israel

    Brodus sucks and is always wrong

    Donna Blanton

    Don’t listen & Don’t comment…

Seth McCormick

Much love Everson Walls! You’re always a class act.

Phillip Ellis

Fast forward to 34:40….. You’ll thank me later!


    Phillip Ellis thank you

    Rafael Vieira

    Half hour of show until they start talking about the Cowboys?!?!?!?!?! Geez…

mike hike

Hot boyz is such a lame name especially for an average defensive line on an 8-8 team!! LMAO!!

    Alexander Israel

    Normally I would attack you, but I agree too much

Narankhuu Avirmed


Rafael Vieira

Welcome to the new show: Old guys talking about old stuff that has nothing to do with DC!

Joshua whitlock

Yeah ever since Bryan b left it has sucked


I thought they revealed voters names in baseball too, but apparently not, they are not revealing who didn’t vote for Jeter.

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