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YungPulse Reply

Feed me feed me because cowboys are the beast

blip cat Reply

cowgirls better get over themselves and start working what they are paid for.

Aaron Rodgers Reply

Jets will keep it close. Cowboys are bums.

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller Reply

    Danica said get back in the kitchen and make her a sammich.

Donta Golder Reply

Play devin Smith sit tavon

    Seth McCormick Reply

    I feel the same way. Devin really has the ability to break HUUUUUGE plays. Especially against low tier teams. Tavon is a great return guy but they almost never try to run returns in this season any ways. Unless they can really lock in to Tavon’s speed in some big plays.

Donta Golder Reply


John Crabtree Reply

I dont see the cowboys making the playoffs the offensive line cant stay healthy and the defense cant stop the run or force turnovers

    Henry Hill Reply

    I agree 1000% This team has lot of problems not to mention we have 2 interceptions all year . Line is trash . Bad coaching. D sucks .

Nathan Kohler Reply

Go Cowboys!!!!

JCorTinAS 361 Reply

Damn Bryan loves the sound of his voice. He’s soo long winded!! Someone needs to let him know how he goes on and on!! Hes very knowledgeable BUT he doesnt have to go on forever making his points

    Brandon Coe Reply

    lmao facts unfortunately he has always been that way

Philip DuBeau Reply

bryan speaks the truth that the lunatic fringe cowboy fans don’t want to hear

dak unleashed in this offense will get chunk yards and he will make more mistakes because he does not see the field or grasp the offense and combined with his inaccuracy leads to losses.

dak needs a running game to compensate for his flaws and after all these years, you got to accept he is a bus driver

how much are the cowboys going to pay a bus driver

    Princeneyo22 Reply


Philip DuBeau Reply

it’s sad that the cowboys paid zeke all that money because they will never see another 1000 yard season side show bob zeke.

take the money and then bum your way through a few seasons while the team tries to justify giving you all that money.

Play Pollard NOW!

jerrah got fleeced again

    Swazie Reply

    Pollards Hurt

Frankie Clayton Reply

Zeke have not been that beat so use both running backs

Matt Kudrna Reply

Bryan saying “salmon” in the Otter Box commercial gets me every time

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