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Chunn will be the spot freed up for Elliott. He made it through waivers already and can go on the practice squad.


Dak who?

Jimmy Dean

Is that glen beck?

Dean F

12-4? No way. 7-9.

    Lava LifeGuard

    You had to edit that pile of crap? LoL moron

Jarod Allred

Seems like Rob will sometimes snap at Mickey with a snobbish attitude. Respect your elders Rob

Ronald Joseph

Not goin 7-9. Are you a fan or a hater

Lenny Storm

This team can if they come out strong be feared by everyone,and the pretenders la rams,Chicago bears,greenway packers and Philadelphia eagles

Lenny Storm

Hey Ezekiel can do the same way,and more often

Lenny Storm

Manning is a mistake filled joke

Lenny Storm

Cowboys blow this game out

Jesse Newman

Lets go!!


I’m really concerned about the run defense. Last time I saw them they got burned twice by the Colts and the Rams in the last few weeks of 2018. I want to see them stop Barkley week one. Even if they win, if Barkley gets 150 yards then my Superbowl hopes will suddenly seem like a long shot.

    Eric Jefferson

    MrSpectralfire you’re concerned because of two games last season? It’s a new season dude! None of those wins and none of those losses last season mean anything this season! My goodness dude? Be concerned with hamstring injuries not two games from last season???


    @Eric Jefferson they were at the end of the season. Dallas gave up like 250 rushing yards to the Rams. Why wouldn’t the last weakness they showed be the thing I hope they fixed?

Spoon Jones


John Uveges

I bet you the Raiders wish they would have kept Amari Cooper. Thank you Raiders. Good luck with Antonio Brown

John Keith

Thst game was sloppy both offense was so horrible 10-3 I lol at the whole game

Adrian Soto

Lol Plano racist af. Nothing says prejudice like cancelling a football game for “safety reason” just have the game relocated to your home location.

Eric Jefferson

So the defense might be a thing of beauty because of the talent on that side of the ball and these SOBs ran the most pathetic stories about Zeke holding out? All that Tony Pollard discussion and meanwhile Dallas may have the #1 defense in the NFL? Piss poor pathetic and very script like.

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