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Zu The King


John Crabtree

Mickey seems alot less grouchy during training camp compared to the regular season you actually get content from him


    If a fan ask a stupid question he really gets pissed off😂


Why is it u all dont realize that everyday to talk zeke u just help him holdout?? Why not celebrate the men who actually showed up to their damn job instead

    Eric Jefferson

    Amateur_Stargazer because if Zeke doesn’t play Dallas is 7-8 or 8-8. It’s the Zeke show if you haven’t figured it out yet.

    Mazer Rackham

    I agree with you, they should talk about the players at camp. We know where Zeke stands for now. Update us on Zeke when there’s something new to report.


To all the clowns yelling “you better pay my man zeke” why? What does ripping up the last two years of rookie deal do for the team? You should as a fan of the team hope that your teams players sit down and wait there turn to get paid for the good of the team. This isn’t basketball where three superstars get you championships. No, a fully rounded out, disciplined team gets you those things. And how does “your man zeke” getting paid benefit you in any way? You’re not in his entourage and going to benefit so why wouldn’t you pull for your team instead of a whiny player wanting more than his rookie deal is paying him.

    Eric Jefferson

    thelastminutegifts no sir these owners will cut players as they feel and want to. Zeke has leverage because he’s the number one threat and the blood of this offense. Pay Zeke and hush the dumb talk. They won’t win without Zeke and Zeke needs to be signed to a deal that gives him security.

    Mike Doll

    So fucking true mate…


probably let heath brown and the two collins walk and crawford gets cut and lee. witten retires and jones it will be the toughest one to figure out. team will look different next year. woods the dt might be back. cooper zeke dak will be resigned but will need to build depth again.

adrian manzanares

We’re better off signing Dak to a 3 year top 5 deal and getting Amari his big money during that same period. Then after Dak’s deal is up sign him to the contract he really wants. Zeke needs to wait until next year. We can’t allow players to throw tantrums and get their way with two years left on their contracts. Especially players who find trouble every offseason.

    George Ybarra

    100 I said that in feb zeke is no emmitt and dakbis only 15th in the league if they want big money deliver a chip

George Ybarra

Trade zeke sign Dak for 28 mil a year or let him go there you go the jonesboys seem like there standing there ground about time

    zachary knoll

    and go 4-12, 2-14, and maybe 6-10 the next three years? no thanks. let’s keep Dak for sure and hope Zeke stays with the Cowboys long-term.

Kelly Dardeen

All of the Off Field Troubles Zeke has already gotten into and Jerry has Stood by him and Defend Him ? an he Still has 2 more yrs. on the Contract Zeke Signed ! I Guess he Still has some Growing Up to do. Anyone Remember Demarco Murray ? SMH !!

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