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Cecil Hurt

Felt like a Scott Linehan coached game offensively but 2 lost fumbles really did us in too on drives where we were having some success moving the ball down the field.

    Martin Rosas

    No excuses guys, paying ziek all that money for wat. He cant run a agaisnt a defense. Then you bring back Witten who by the way was great at his time. But bottom line is when it came down to it, the boys choked.

    Martese Westbrook

    Martin Rosas They shouldn’t have paid Zeke that money, not because of his talent, but because he’s not the back to break a game open. (Barkley, Chubb, Cook, Kamara,) Zeke is a straight line smasher. So should have spent money elsewhere, drafted elected college RB and traded zeke. Either way Moore needs to develop a better running scheme

    Phillip Ellis

    It was Clearly Moore calling the Offense. Just didn’t Execute like first three weeks

    Martese Westbrook

    Phillip Ellis “Execution” is overrated in Football! Sounds stupid but it’s not… You should create, steal and call plays that make execution easier. So for example throwing the ball against 8 defenders in coverage has the lowest percentage for completion in football (unless it’s a check down). But what if you call a RB OR QB draw in that situation? Will that have a higher “execution” rate. I live in philly and the eagles run a lot of pick and rubs. Makes it a lot easier to complete the pass and get the first day or TD. I mean literally hard pick, (it’s not pass interference because it’s within one yard of line of scrimmage). The last two weeks the refs flagged it, but had to pick it up. We ran better plays, therefore it seems execution was better.

    Leanthony Dodson

    @Martese Westbrook True!


I respect the bald headed guy with the glasses on this show… he’s the only one that keeps things real about these Cowboys. Much respect coming from an eagles fan.


    And this ^, ladies and gentlemen, is yet one more example of how Eagles fans are the dumbest sunsabitches in the world.


Lets go out and get Dez and AB for this team!!!!!!

Red Leader

Seems like Linehan was calling it last night. Even with all the things going on, we still had a chance. Oh well, move on to next week. Here comes Rodgers. Oh dear!


BS 2018 play calling during this game gave me flashbacks to dink and Dak. Whoever was ultimately responsible for this offensive game plan should be fired immediately. That level of incompetence cannot be accepted during a season where the Cowboys are pursuing a Lombardy trophy.

Telvin Jones

Ask for a fair game. They scared of that. Call a fair game. Be objective. Stop trying to that the high road. Your destroying the game with the way they are controlling the game.

Zeke A

Cobb missed those catches. Can’t put that on Dak. The ball hit him on both hands twice. Hope he and Dak get their chemistry going.

Can’t read and believe the newspaper clippings if you’re a player out there.

    Jerry Baldwin

    True. Check his stats on the link above. He is number 1 of ALL QBs in the NFL. This was a team loss

Dionta Scenters

Dak is severely overrated and needs to improve on throwing receivers open, reading defenses and being slightly more of a risk taker. But most cowboys fans don’t have a brain and if you say something bad about Dak you’re not a real cowboys fan even though they blamed Romo for every little thing that went wrong

Alamo Kid

No RPO?2Fumbles? Severe lack of creativity and lost Time of possession, noise aint the problem Cowboys got out coached plain and simple.

Adrian Soto

Obviously Dallas didn’t do their homework. Why the F did they not attack Eli Apple?!! Dallas previously has beaten apple both in NY and NO. Eli Apple needed to be targeted and we failed to attack that soft spot

Arnold Escobar

Coaching ! coaching is all I can say! getting players ready to play HARD! even though they playing against a back up quarterback. Coach em up! Make them practice hard! Looks like this whole team ( including coaches) thought it was going to be easy game.

street scholar

Offensive line got smashed last night…all there is to it

Verl Keeler


J Brat

Dak was not comfortable was a big problem. Middle of field was open all night.


90 million dollar spare running back

Donta Golder

It sure did

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