Talkin’ Cowboys: D-Line Decisions? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Talkin’ Cowboys: D-Line Decisions? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

With one preseason game left, the Talkin’ crew discusses Taco Charlton’s big game against the Texans and how the defensive line depth chart might look after final cuts.

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Cruz Villegas


    Eric Jefferson

    Cruz Villegas immature much?

    Platinum Hercules


Eric Jefferson

I won’t look at the Houston game as a gauge because their O-line sucked!!! I’ll get excited around week 10. Go Dallas!

    Darius Pickens

    Eric Jefferson last weekend the Texans were launching a full on assault on Detroit bombs every other play and time to sit in the pocket
    And week 3 totally different team?

    Eric Jefferson

    Darius Pickens it’s preseason and it doesn’t count. That O-line looked horrible but it’s preseason.

Not the real Lloyd Banks

Something valuable that I think this win brought to the team was that the can do this thing. It was a big confidence boost and right at the perfect time!

The team is learning how to win games

Tyler Main

Usually I wouldn’t get hype over a preseason game. But this depth can really play. ALOT different than Wat we have had over the years

    ETC Mob.

    “ALOT” is NOT a word.

    Tyler Main

    @ETC Mob. yes it is my friend

    Triton James

    A lot.
    So what though

Amanda May

I’m drunk watching this right now. 😀😀😀😀😀

    ETC Mob.

    Get a job, loser.

    Addie May

    Im drunk too


    Bubble hash

Oscar Marquez

Maher’s accuracy in kicking is still iffy

Not the real Lloyd Banks

Maher looked ok, still the best available.

Mark Johnston

That was complete and utter domination. They yanked Watson quick before he go murdered to death.

George Hillary

With the pre-game questions on the Texans OL’s status, (against my own interests) I’ll reserve my enthusism regarding Taco’s play.

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