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cour1988 Reply

Let this one go and move on. Focus up boys, it’s a long season!

    COWTown Tx. Reply

    Lol tomorrow…

    cour1988 Reply

    COWTown Tx. Huh?

    Bigtyjme Reply

    cour1988 I think he means like let’s move on tomorrow , as in we are going to keep celebrating today lol

    cour1988 Reply

    Bigtyjme ah! Got it



    Travis Byram Reply

    JXFIT I have 2 of his BSU jerseys. The kids has been absolute gold since I first heard his name in 2008

    dick chasin Reply

    Was He 17 ??????

    Felony Strutter Reply

    $150 buck up where your mouth is kid..

    Stewart Robinson Reply


Ethan Moore Reply

this title pleases me, moore of this please

Not the real Lloyd Banks Reply

Dak made the right reads. Moore put the offense in good positions

Rory Womach Reply

Kellen Moore for president!!

Antbeast23 Reply

It’s so weird like it’s always one side of the ball that plays Good. Last year defense was good now this year our offense is good lol. Hopefully we can be a complete team as the season progresses

intender4good Reply

LBs looked they were playing 5 yards behind normal sets in a mini run prevent. 17 points is the max for this defense or else schemes have to change.

    shane peterman Reply

    intender4good they only did that to keep Barkley from breaking another huge run. They played smart, bend but don’t beak. Great red zone defense and on 3rd down.

    intender4good Reply

    @shane peterman whatever works. It took Barkley out of the game too. I always want to see them learn. LA game taught them how to play smart I guess. Marinelli doesn’t call plays? News to me

Steven Pringle Reply

Mickey will eventually will tell the truth. Not Brian.

Bryan Bradford Reply

Whats the scoop on Randy Gregory? He was good on the right side with the pass rush. Quinn won’t be back until week three.

    Jammal Williams Reply

    @Scott Davidson Brett Favre was hook on pain pills,so wat ur saying,& also a 5″ of Alcohol a tell me who were worser than him..

    Jammal Williams Reply

    Your Government is an a Lab right now’ Growing Marijuana ” trying to find a cure,for many diseases, which is killing our people by the millions daily.. don’t be a Hypocrite” juss like society has become..

    cour1988 Reply

    Jammal Williams who were worser? My iPhone wouldn’t let me type that it was so bad. I had to force the autocorrect. 😂😂😂

    Stewart Robinson Reply

    @Salty Creature people today. !! Smh

    Stewart Robinson Reply

    @Jammal Williams right

shane peterman Reply

We got Randall Cobb for the price Hurns would have cost us, think about that. No shade on Hurns but Cobb is a champion n proven veteran that also once played QB. These WRs love and respect Dak, it’s fun to watch them out there!!

    Silver Time Reply

    cobb joined green bay the year after they won the sb , so he aint a champ yet

Sandy Gan Reply

Super Bowl ready.

Dean F Reply

I miss David Irving.

    Stewart Robinson Reply

    Me too

    Stewart Robinson Reply

    Me to

Justin D Reply

Cole who? Cole was really bitter after being let go even praising buffalo?? Ok we see what’s up when we play Buffalo

Jammal Williams Reply

Com- on Brian that game was over’ u are being to critical” Cowboys dominated the game” all they care bout ” leaving healthy..

Jammal Williams Reply

Giants show sign early on’ but Cowboys clearly the better team’ I’m not in a up- roar about one late TD..

William Cabell Reply

Only one game, but I am the most optimistic I’ve been in years! Dak just shut the mouths of his cretics of the past years.

Michael Quintana Reply

There not at full strength, guys coming back from injuries, but no excuses, you have to have leverage and fill the gaps, and quit arm tackling…

Felony Strutter Reply

Taco has been MUCH better that Armstrong really see Armstong make apay in preseason. HOnestly, I am ready to kick Armstrong off now nd add Daniel Wise to the team. Quinn comes back people, two players are getting cut if they add Wise. Wise was awesome EVERY preseason game…Armstrong not so much

Jimmy Greer Reply

I think what Kellen Moore did that was the most impressive was using ALL of his weapons. It just wasn’t the usual lip service. They wanted to use Tavon and they did. They wanted to use Jarwin and they did. They wanted to use Olawale & they did. I’m sure they wanted to give Cobb a few easy touches & they did with that end-around pass.

It really is the same playbook but the concepts are fresher. I mean, that TD to Cooper has been a main-stay of the offense since Tony Romo & TO. But they never ran it from that trips bunched look. And re-thinking old ideas like giving the end-around an RPO type of look is absolutely brilliant.

Jimmy Greer Reply

I believe that the question is no longer, “Can Garrett save his job”. The question should be, “What does Garrett have to do to KEEP his job”. Seriously, if Kellen gives us THIS type of efficiency for the entire season and they go on to win the Superbowl…how do you ultimately decide Garrett over Moore?

I know this has been Garrett’s vision–a modern take on the 90’s Dynasty. And winning it would prove his vision right & prove the franchise’s loyalty to him right. But Kellen Moore, if this is how the story plays out, will be a Head Coach in this league. So do you allow loyalty & even pride to give Garrett a lifetime deal because his vision won you that Superbowl? Or do you go with the Future of the Franchise?

I think no matter what happens, Dallas should go with Kellen Moore as HC & Kris Richard as Asst HC/Defensive Coordinator. I can see where Kris Richard would want to build a Dynasty before taking a HC job. Marvin Lewis made a tremendous career off of being the architect of a legendary Superbowl defense. So how much pull do you think a still young architect of a legendary Superbowl dynasty defense gets you?

That is if he would even want to leave. Could want to stick around to create a great coaching unit that could go down in history.

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