Talkin’ Cowboys: Concerns vs. Giants? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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dick chasin Reply

Mick with the truth bombs

    ETC Mob. Reply

    Mick is a fucking idiot who just totes the company line. He’s also been in D/FW for over 30 years and still has that annoying midwestern accent.

    jarjon76 Reply

    @ETC Mob. Grow up.

Skeptical Fan Reply


Don Taylor Reply

So tell me, Mickey should the giant dehumidifier be provided by the tax payers of Arlington?

Button Pusher Reply

The G- strings. Not worried about them. They are the WORST team in the league

Eric Jefferson Reply

Hangin with the Boys got someone fired!

jarjon76 Reply

Neby is a great fan who always has good questions. Good to hear from him again!

Bob Vergason Reply

Its possible the Cowboys miss their flight and forfeit the game.

    jarjon76 Reply

    It’s at home so why would they fly to the game?

    Bob Vergason Reply

    @jarjon76 guess its impossible then

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