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Michael Panzarella

We need Gallup for Sunday, he makes everyone better. He’s underrated and consistent. Green Bay’s corners are good, he can step up to that challenge.

    Nintengo 1985

    Michael Panzarella thank you. He is very disrespected. He can be a number 1 receiver it’s 1a and 1b with him and Coop.

Jarod Allred

Can Rob please get his back fixed already? Take a pill, something. Feels like months watching him squirm in his chair. What his computer mouse getn a lil heavy.

John Crabtree

If the offensive line would have done their job better the play calling wouldnt have been a big issue

Henry Hill

I said it before I say it again. Our line is overrated now. They are living off 2016 line . Smith playing hurt , Martin back , Fredrick still trying to get back to shape being off a year hasn’t looked good. Only person playing well is Collins.

    Brett WB

    I was watching some highlights from the game… all that I can say about Connor Williams is… yikes. He’s getting better, but that guy gets manhandled quite a bit.

Nintengo 1985

Uh have you guys ever heard of HIPPA laws. Mind your business.

Nintengo 1985

We can’t win without Gallup. Better take a mid round pick and go get another passing weapon bc the Devin Smith honey moon is over.

Brett WB

I had DVRed the game and was re-watching bits of it. Again, wth happened to the play-action? What about double… triple options? I would have loved to have seen plays with both Tony and Zeke on the field. Tony should have been involved more. The TEs should have been involved more. Devin Smith should have been more involved as well. I can’t wait for Gallup to get back.

Broderick Johnson

If the offense is all about time of possession and not scoring the results will continue to be wht thy were Sunday night.

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