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Take it to the HOUSE | Eagles vs. Falcons

The Falcons have their first home game of the 2019 season against the Philadelphia Eagles. Let's take it to the house and show the world what Atlanta is made of.

#InBrotherhood #AtlantaFalcons #RiseUp #NFL

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Aerolin Juarez Reply

Lets drop 40 on em

    Mr Spizite Reply

    Aerolin Juarez
    EASY if the o-line ready this week.

    The 3 Prankskateers Reply

    O line is good and dirk gets more aggressive we will

    Mr Spizite Reply

    The 3 Prankskateers
    Thank God my guy 😂

    The 3 Prankskateers Reply

    Mr Spizite rise up

    Good Looking Honkey Reply

    @The 3 Prankskateers , Maybe dirk diggler getting aggressive. Not Ryan.

Good Looking Honkey Reply

Another no good, hype video for failure

    nckhrt Reply

    With that attitude we will

    MRJ2012 Reply

    Well would you rather all the videos be about how terrible we are

    Mr Spizite Reply

    Lol looks can be deceiving my guy

    Good Looking Honkey Reply

    @MRJ2012 , Well , that’s the only videos that count.

Brian Dent Reply

We gonna lose

    nckhrt Reply

    Brian Dent with that attitude we will

    Zohaib 84 Reply

    Brian Dent ah there’s that positivity we’re looking for

    MRJ2012 Reply

    @Zohaib 84 no it’s just fans being realistic

    Lyric's Mom Reply

    Well why are you a fan

    Good Looking Honkey Reply

    @Lyric’s Mom , Because we are honey bunz. Just hate it when we know we suck, and these overpaid bums are gunna be here too long.

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply


Stephen Smith Reply

Another loss Dan Quinn will more “pissed off” LoL

Keely Chow Reply

Avenge the split the Braves had with the Phillies. Go Falcons! Go Braves!

Dominik Magosch Reply

Let’s go, rise up ❤️

bully bully Reply

Friday 13th 😤 i smell a murder bird or bird crime

wayne anderson Reply

Ok Falcons! Let’s not waste time getting pumped up for nuthin! I wanna feel good on Monday morning! #RiseUp

ZukoDaPrince Channel Reply

Gonna Get Scary Sunday Night 🦅⚪️⚫️🔴

Country Boi Ross Reply

Lord help us 😩

Mark Godbee Reply

I am very concerned about this game given the Falcon’s performance from week one against Minnesota. I hope the “process” improves and the “brotherhood” is more focused. It’s certainly alarming to be an underdog at home this early in the season. Going 0-2 will be devastating to the 2019 season.

    Jayboy 1k Reply

    Mark Godbee not devastating there’s still 15 games left and if saints lose we’ll be 1 game back 🤷🏽‍♂️ it’s a marathon i just wanna see improvement each week and of course W’s.

Football Films Reply

Sunday night football. Show Philadelphia who is boss. RISE UP

CeCe Smith Reply

Ya’ll better show out tomorrow night
#FalconsForLife #RISEUP ❤🖤❤🖤

Julius Cdhshs Reply

Eagles finna win #eagles4life

Decutta Reply

Man up!!!! #ATL

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