Take a live look at the Broncos’ first stadium practice | Broncos Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dennis Neely

I never saw a practice one….


    They can’t show the practice because the other teams can watch and see our practice


    @BEAST MAN The other teams might be in the stadium too…


    @dielegendelebt1900 Yeah I guess

Clinton Reisig

Nice work, crew. I feel the excitement

    Ronald Samples

    Lets go Flacco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Stanwood

thank you to coach fangioStadiumpracticed

Yard Byrd

Thin Air Mile High Advantage!! Go Broncos!!!


Haven’t practiced in a stadium since 2014!? Finally doing it right Fangio!

    Daniel Gutierrez

    payday64 yeah I remember I was there ! It was a good experience. Free, you could sit in any seat you want, cold beer, and the goat manning of course

    i like GILFS

    @Daniel Gutierrez i remember 2

Chris Trevino

I like what Steve said, I became a fan as a kid and have been one since. Though I never lived in Denver, but had an older brother who raised me right.

    Tracy Snow

    My daughter (will live in the Seattle area) always says, “My Mamma’ raised me right” when we are screaming for the Broncos. 🙂

Danny Jones

3:40 OFFSET!!

Anthony Alarcon

DaeSean Hamiliton Broncos#17! Love my Denver Broncos! Broncos Fan!


I’m leaving from the camp right now lol

Daniel Davis

I’m so excited for this upcoming season!!! New coach new quarterback sky is the limit

Rebecca Scheirman

Steve Atwater is a hero. He should and will be in the hall of fame.


Finally a real coach!!! Vance joesph was outsmarted in every game!!! Hope I’m not talking to soon but so far so good!! I like what I’m seeing!!! The way you practice is the way you play!!!

Stephen Garcia

I said what’s up to Matt and Phil at the uc helath center I thought it was really cool but I wanted to go up today and get an autograph but didn’t want to bother but you all do a great job keep up the great work!

Sean Cunningham

6:35 😂😂 they even cut away and Steve Atwater chuckles.. Gotta love Derek

Jerome Schulze

We have to many injuries.. Not a good start!!

Jerome Schulze

If I lived in denver I would have went and watched..

Ronald Samples

Vic Fangio the evil genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-

Steven Bogle

Let’s go Broncos. Cant wait for football

Tracy Snow

I concede! I concede! The cool blues are better than the new orange. Maybe they’re trying to make a statement though. Like they did with the new blues. Think about it…

Cooper Findlay

Dalton Risner is my cousin (no joke!) I’m so proud of him

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