Tahir Whitehead mic’d up vs. Vikings | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Charlie B

Yeah you set the tone alright, the defense can’t stop run or stop pass for last 20 years

    Everett Plater

    They played the whole game no help from offense they did nothing the ball

    Oakland Native

    lookin like the dennis allen raiders. smfh


    @Oakland Native omg noooooooooooooooooo ;/


    Hall had a bad game with gap responsibility. Cook is the real and he has punished everyone.

    Charlie B

    @Everett Plater Oakland’s defense has been bad for 25 years, leagues worst D last year, gave up most points etc. I bet Carr would have more wins with a D that can stop the run, they gave up 215 yards rushing or something like that.


I see there was a lot of talking… not much else.

Shawn Thomas, Sr.

Shut up and play … tired of the excuses and just being plain old bad

Rod Medrano

Jesus🙄…just start winning games!

Manny Flo

⚔just win baby⚔

Lyndon Smith

I hope this is not the tone we want to set and hold…..

Jacques Ingram

Bring back N. Bowman

bill hawk

Damn look like a NFL team once in 16 years pathetic

GOlden St8

Why upload this garbage ?

Nathan Martinez

Well you set the tone just fine didn’t you? SMFH

yoboi ac

We going lose again 😔

Irrational Sports Fan

🙁 I look forward to every game and then I gotta pull myself out of the sorrow after it’s over

    Max Sanchez

    Irrational Sports Fan EXACTLY! I’m like a girl who keeps getting cheated on but I keep going back thinking this time will be different.


    2 days from now we’ll be back to feeling the same way waiting for Sunday. That’s how the cookie crumble. We win, im happy the whole week. We lose, my whole week ruined

    Julian Garcia

    Same 🤦‍♂️

Steppa Joe (Veres)

All that yelling and lost

Rah Money

Such a disappointment


Couldn’t even tell he was on the field during the game…. zero playmakers on this defense

Storm 98

Raider NATION till the grave! Win, lose or tie, silver & black till I die ☠️

James Belkin

Man, put that jersey down, and play smash mouth.

Yung Daz

Exactly why he’s our captain.

Brian H

The only reason this video would be good @Raiders… is if Tahir actually predicted a lose and how not good they would play. What a lackluster of a season we are going to have……. AGAIN 👎. Thanks for the years of wasted football

Richard Luis

#55 is playing dirty again. Punching players after the game. He’s obviously still a cheap shot player. Raiders or nfl don’t need that. He was totally exposed on camera in the act during last weeks. Imagine Raider fan but that’s rediculous. They should fine him and not let him play next game

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