T.Y. Hilton On Training Camp: “Competition Is Very High” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Eduardo Jean-Jacques Reply

Ghost 💨💨

Robel Tadesse Reply

Underrated WR

    BoilerBloodline Reply

    Robel Tadesse It’s pretty funny when every d back & safety bring up TY when talking about one of the most difficult covers in the NFL. It seems to only be the talking heads who minimize what an incredible athlete and wide receiver that TY Hilton is.

    Christine C Reply

    It’s amazing with as small he is he has only missed like 3 games his entire career.

Water Sheep Reply

Guys I need my eyes cheeked I think there is a ghost I can’t see him but I hear him he’s a ghost

Harpoon_Bakery Reply

competition is a given, it’s training camp. this colts team is again banged up as crap this year, wow, and getting worse by the day. either shut down the training staff and start over , or shut down training camp.

    Devon Crowder Reply

    Tf are you talking about ?😂

messer e Reply

I feel like t.y is easily top 5 in the league it’s a shame he doesn’t get more respect the only other receivers I might put ahead of him is like Julio a.b and o.b.j

Be careful Eye Know Who Eye Am Reply

Thats my guy right there.

New Life Reply

Let’s go Brissett. Luck’s hurt again.

    Chris Nichter Reply

    @New Life A hurt Andrew Luck is still probably a better Qb then whoever u rooting for

    New Life Reply

    @Chris Nichter Better? What has he done actually?

    Chris Nichter Reply

    @New Life Really? I have to explain lol. First off who’s your team then we can continue this

    New Life Reply

    @Chris Nichter Luck is 4-4 in the playoffs and has12TDs and 13INTs. Not exactly stellar numbers.

    New Life Reply

    @Chris Nichter Who’s my team? Huh? If I say something untrue correct me.

Nomadic Brian Reply

‘Where deep!’ That is great. Continuity if and when injuries happen and they will.

Darren Maynus Reply

Yall need to have a lil faith

Pattymayo Reply

Bad fucking questions

D3AL Reply

Can’t wait to watch Ty Hilton making plays he’s going to do good for Jacoby

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