Super Bowl LI: 28-3 | NFL 100

In this NFL 100 moment, New England completed an epic comeback, stunning the Falcons 34-28 in overtime to win another Super Bowl.

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Sami Shamroukh Reply

Went from one of the worst nights to one I relive as much as I can!!!

    Chantelle J. Reply


    Luke R. Reply

    How is your comment from a week ago?

    Anyways, I felt the same way. I had to work at my miserable part-time job the next day. Having to walk in there after such a brutal loss after sleeping terribly would’ve been horrid. The comeback victory was a wondrous experience. It felt like a defining moment in my life haha.

PixelPlayz YT Reply

This win motivates me

Blitz for six Productions Reply

What a comeback!!

Rahal Fan boy Reply

Basically I went from, “oh god we’re gonna lose” to “OH GOD WE HAVE IT” best day in my life

    Noah Burden Reply

    Two years ago

    Noah Burden Reply

    I don’t play

    Light Yagami Reply

    @Noah Burden I see well I’ve been into football since I could remember

    Rocky Jeter Webb Reply

    @Noah Burden Welcome to Pats Nation.

    Noah Burden Reply

    I have been in pats nation since 2016

Kylethegoat 12 Reply

greatest comeback in sb history

    Monkì IOS Reply

    All time*

    Sir Goat Reply

    Monkì IOS nope Reich had a 32 point comeback get your facts right

    Monkì IOS Reply

    Sir Goat not in a super bowl.

    Monkì IOS Reply

    And this was all in the 4th quarter.

Rileycoffee123 Reply

Best super bowl ever

punisher Reply

Brady = 🐐

Aaronn1738 Reply

Oh what a night!😭♥️

AceChampElite Reply

All fourth quarter of SBLI my fingers went completely numb and I thought I was gonna die.

Pedro Reply

The greatest comeback NFL have ever seen.

When the game was 28-3, I was pretty upset and my best friend, who was watching the game with me (and is actually a Seahawks fan) just said:
“Hey, buddy. Keep calm. The game isn’t over until it’s over.”
He was trying to make me feel better and told me I had to believe until the very end, and when the game was 28-20 I was feeling happier and was truly believing.
Then when it was 28-28 and the game went to the OT, I knew that we were going to be the champions.
Nothing could stop the Patriots.
And it just happened.
The best day of my life.
Brady = GOAT.

Thanks, New England Patriots.

    SuperGamer7 Reply

    28-3 is now an epic MEME for all eternity!

AlmostHeavenWestVirginia Reply

the game that made me stop hating Brady. like, complete HALT. no more hate.

liz regina Reply

“CEMENTED LEGACY” – Tom Brady = G.O.A.T.

Oliver Sølberg Reply

When I’m 60 i will still watch this game (I’m 20) it is without a doubt the greatest Super Bowl of all time.

    tobi190 Reply

    Oliver Sølberg I feel you… but I’d say it’s the best SB only storywise. In terms of Level of play, we sucked the first half and the birds did so in the second. I’d say ‘14 vs. the Seahawks was the best played SB I’ve ever seen. Two great teams at the top of their game, offense and defense. And not bad storywise either…

    Oliver Sølberg Reply

    tobi190 I agree we did not look like a SB team in the first half

h s.A Reply

Brady is Ice in Fire moments. That separates him from the other QBs out there and puts him in the bracket of the elite.
Mr. Tom Terrific a.k.a Comeback kid at his best. 🏆

Nary Son Reply

I cry tears of joy reliving these moments. #LFG #On2theNext

Omega8kilo Reply

In the regular season Brady doesn’t have a losing record to any team. 🤯
ARI 3-1
ATL 6-0
BAL 8-3
BUF 33-5
CAR 3-3
CHI 5-0
CIN 7-2
CLE 6-2
DAL 4-0
DEN 10-9
DET 4-2
GB 3-2
HOU 10-1
IND 16-6
JAX 8-1
KC 9-3
LAC 9-3
LAR 6-1
MIA 24-14
MIN 5-1
NO 4-1
NYG 3-3
NYJ 29-11
OAK 6-1
PHI 4-2
PIT 11-4
SF 3-1
SEA 3-2
TB 4-1
TEN 7-2
WAS 3-1

Brady overall record 237-70

Trophy Case
9 AFC Championships
6 Super Bowls
4 Super Bowl MVPs

(7 total MVPs🤯)

    buzzy4u2 Reply


    SuperGamer7 Reply

    #STAIRWAYTOSEVEN coming up!!!! #GoPats

    SuperGamer7 Reply

    Brady is 88-30 against the AFC East!

    Thor Reply

    Brady is 237-70, I have no idea where you’re getting the 255 wins, but that’s wrong!

    Omega8kilo Reply


    I sucks at math!!! Lol…ur right 237

Stefan Bech Reply

A touchdown, and a title for the Patriots!! 🙂

Xenomorph1508 Reply

This game blew my mind. Cant get any better than this 👍

Rocky Jeter Webb Reply

Super Bowl LI is the greatest Super Bowl of all-time! Hands down! Pats Nation!

Oh Noo I'm Kobe Reply

The 3 dislikes are falcons fans who saw this in there recommend videos to watch lmao 😂 . Gooo Pats ❤️🤟🏽

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