Super Bowl 53 Championship Ring Ceremony Arrivals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Blitz for six Productions

Go patriots!!

    Blitz for six Productions

    Favorite super bowl!!

Gavin Hutchison

Patriots are winning it all this year


    I told a Seahawks fan today… You know, the Patriots chances of winning the Superbowl are better THIS year than they were LAST year. He agreed.

Ethan Pendleton

Go Pats!!!

Al Beebe


Barrett Mehrabi

Love you guys ready for 1st game!

Cesar Raudales

Is that it?
56 seconds…


    This is just the arrivals…Full ring ceremony is later


    Cesar Raudales. Yup then it’s back to shittin on Imbread mfs like u


6 times super bowl champs

Hacker look

Patriots is the best team ever in nfl and im a big fan of them.
This is how much people like Patriots


    @Paul D how do you figure that they both have six?

    Enzo Gorlami

    Hacker look Patroits.. isn’t that some French Canadian football team?

    Hacker look

    @Enzo Gorlami no its a Massachusetts football team


    @Hacker look i think he was being sarcastic

    Hacker look

    @MusicthatsStrange oh.

John Ta

Holding 7 trophies is gonna look awkward next tear

    Joseph Blow

    John Ta – The Krafts still have 1 free hand each so we’ll be fine. I’ll start worrying when they get to 9.




Go Pats! Get #7!

Cocaine Cowboy

We need more of this night!

Messin Around

That must’ve been a pretty quick ceremony

3 thousand subs with no video

Y’all see Tom showing off his ring savage

Janed Herrera

I love you, my PATS!

Enki Ea

Gronk’s GF is bad AF tho.

Carl Tese

Happy ending mr. Kraft?

Liam Nguyen

Loved it! Super Bowl LIII 🏟 Champs
PATS fan from Australia 🇦🇺

Charly Gr. v.L.

Everything yours, Mr. Kraft, with a vision that started 25 years ago 👍


    He will def read this comment!

    Charly Gr. v.L.

    @Boondock Thank you for your kind words, but I do not think he reads my comments, he is a very busy person like the others in the team, too.
    I write with sincere joy and become very uncomfortable, too if something is unfair. – It is a good or bad mentality but to have a statement is much more better than to be quiete that means weakness.

    Jochen Winter

    @Charly Gr. v.L. Deine kommentare, liebe charly, sind stets zum schmunzeln und ich denke, dass du den austausch mit fans anstrebst. Würde ich dir dann schreiben? Und ja, mehr mut an der beteiligung, lesen ist ok bei mir, doch ich befürchte mein englisch ist grotten schlecht.

    Charly Gr. v.L.

    @Jochen Winter danke dir vielmals. Nur MUT schliesslich geht es um kommunikation, die die fans bestimmt auch untereinander haben sollen. (Ich bin auch nicht perfekt) Vielleicht kannst du dadurch kontakte haben, englisch usw. ich+meine familie bin/sind mit vielen im regen email-austausch, also- auf gehts. Wer nichts wagt, gewinnt auch nichts, viel glück und “see you”. LG C.

admir stulic

damn BILL is lord of the rings …8 omg

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