Super Bowl 53 Banner Ceremony Recap – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Super Bowl 53 Banner Ceremony Recap

Take a look at the highlights from the Super Bowl LIII banner unveiling at Gillette Stadium prior to the season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Humaithan Morcelli Reply

Gronk please, back

Brady Carson Reply

Prepared to have a Super Bowl 54 Ceremony

Corbin 2022 Reply

Who here is a Patriots fan🏈🔥!

    elfofcourage Reply


    E'Vandel Lewis Reply

    Native Bostonian……..Been repping the Pats since the ’70’s

The Black Pharaoh Reply

This is gonna be an entertaining year for us 🔥

    Justin McWaters Reply

    Except for when Brown gets arrested for rape charges. Too early to place expectations. Plus another wide out that following his track record can’t stay off drugs. A lot to worry about right now.

Sami Shamroukh Reply

1:33 I love that they kept the dent there😂

    Ken Lagasse Reply

    All Gronks fault !!! Love it !

Austin Ahern Reply

What a great ceremony celebrating last year’s Super Bowl Championship in addition to all the other championships the Patriots have won from 2002 to now!!! Hopefully we have another great season this year!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

mekagoji 74 Reply

Make room for those banners. Because we’re going for 7. #HistoryMakers

    Mr. Meeseeks Reply

    mekagoji 74 they will win the Super Bowl with ease

    mekagoji 74 Reply

    @Mr. Meeseeks “Just hit the putter, Jerry!!! “

Toa Mataafa Reply

PATRIOTS is truly 🇺🇸AMERICA’s🇺🇸Team..GO PATRIOTS👊🏿🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👊🏿

    Rocky Jeter Webb Reply

    Let the cowboys keep that title. We the New England Patriots are America’s Nightmare! That’s our name! I love it! Pats Nation!

    melton Chambers Reply

    “Think bigger Tom”

    elfofcourage Reply

    Only one problem, most of America hates them. XD

    miguel ornelas Reply

    @elfofcourage Imagine aliens landed on earth and said they will take over not unless we can win a game of football would you really send the cowboys to represent us? Lmfao

bargain bob Reply

Guess we’ll be seeing another one around the same time next year?

Noah Burden Reply

Who is ready to absolutely destroy Miami and Flores this week

    Chris Conley Reply

    Why the negativity towards Flores?? Yeah I hope The Pats win, however “destroy” isn’t a word I’d use, since like me, you’ll be sitting somewhere watching.

    Light Yagami Reply

    Flores spent well over a decade on the Patriots coaching staff where is the respect smfh

    Ricky Miranda Reply

    Flores did so much towards the patriots. Miss him

    John Cronin Reply

    Noah Burden Remember, division games are often the most difficult, and last year, the toughest games were against Houston, Tennessee and Detroit — teams coached by former Patriots players or coaches. I am sure Belichick is reminding his team of this fact all this week.

    hera9191 Reply

    I love Brian Flores’s “Malcom Go!”

Chupatwo Chupatwo Reply

maaan that was hype to the max! i guess after 6 ceremonies, you kind of get it perfected! 🙂 🙂

MegaRock1fan Reply

So glad you guys had this. Snf Just did way to much talking

rachray83 Reply

I liked last one that had sparks shooting out the sides as the banner fell

Football Films Reply

1 am a falcons fan. (😬). But I have to admit, that ceremony looked pretty awesome. I hate, but have to respect, the New England Patriots

Omega8kilo Reply

Cowboys “might” be America’s team, but WE ARE ALL PATRIOTS 🤯

    Rocky Jeter Webb Reply

    We the New England Patriots are America’s Worst Nightmare.

    salamipitza Reply

    @Rocky Jeter Webb
    a more suitable nickname
    due to 20 years of dominance with the *SAME* qb/hc combo

    Rocky Jeter Webb Reply

    @salamipitza Thank You.

George Kennedy Reply

Godsmack. Cool. Were the Dropkick Murphy’s busy playing a Pizzeria Regina’s opening?

    buzz killington Reply

    Godsmack is from boston and a better band. good choice.

h s.A Reply

Truly unheard of.
Better believe it, there’s a 7th banner coming soon enough. 😉🔥

&y Reply

We are the champions 😍… Of the world 🤩

Sway Vee6 Reply

Proud to be born & raised in Massachusetts because of this organization

Maruhom Magumpara Reply

Gronk should’ve held that SB53 trophy.

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