Steve Wilks says P.J. Walker will start against Tampa Bay – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Our defense can definitely get after old Brady we jus need offense to jus move the ball jus a little bit 😮‍💨

    gabrielle mack

    We need them to move the ball alot

Blak Rain

He won’t have a job next year

r m

Ben Mcadoo at offensive coordinator is a big problem! Ben will be a reason Steve gets replaced


    Steve will be the reason Steve gets replaced. He’s the only coach I’ve seen worse than Rhule at making in game adjustments 😬

    Craig Silver

    This! McAdoo is the reason Wilks won’t be here next year. We are not going anywhere. Open up the playbook. Don’t worry about turnovers or losing the game. Pass the ball past the line of scrimmage

David Dickerson

If Brady is going to continue to struggle, the guys need to capitalize on this.

    5ean 5ean

    Nope…tank mode


    @5ean 5ean i agree with tanking but a opportunity to beat brady lookin too good to pass up 😭

    Kshoez Colson

    Hellll fucking yea


    This team wouldn’t be able to beat Brady even if they tried. No competent NFL team will lose to a team that’s offense is made up of screens and inside zones.


    @Benji ur so right

Mike Puncsak

Protect your QB

Mike Puncsak


Mike Collins

Use our tightends more and let PJ throw further than 30 yards and we will win this game! PLEASE!!


    Still wouldn’t win

Kolton Angell

1 and 16 here we come.. what on offense from last sunday makes this man go yea I wanna run that back and do it again. Just trade cmc he is to good for this joke of a franchise until we clean house


Shai shouldn’t be moving up. every time he touched the ball last week i had anxiety


Boyyy. If they put PJ out there and throw nothing but sideline passes again, I’ll be convinced that Steve Wilkes is being paid handsomely to tank and keep his mouth shut.

    Eddie Lopez

    I don’t think this team has to try to tank.


    @Eddie Lopez wow, that was harsh


    Jimmy exactly

Curtis D

“Let me credit you for your homework, that’s pretty impressive” 👏🏼👏🏻👍🏻👍🏼✌🏼 Like nobody’s watching the game

Bam Bam

Bringing in a college coach . and all the washed up QBs. Then bringimg cam back after u traded him. And wasting money on worthless qbs. Them wasting picks. This is on the owner . he needs to go. Until then we wont be any good

    Bam Bam

    And cmac hasnt been a threat in 2 years……….. Trade him before u just waste your money…….. Make 1 smart decision cmon man cmon man! Cmon man ! Cmon mannne!

Tony Wyatt

Tank is all I hear smfh. I understand wanting the best qb in draft but what does that say for the franchise just tanking JS


I love the way he answers the questions and doesn’t say… I gotta watch the tape!

J Bryant

If y’all gonna start him then use him 😐

Craig Silver

McAdoo is the reason you won’t be here next year coach

Tuyet Rocham

Coach Why you did not let the quarterback throw ball to the receive, you make a lot running back so you guys did like that your never win ok: keep pounding

Maximus Nextinline

Start Eason ‼️

jamal fikes

Steve is way better answering (not answering) these questions

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